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Panama Skydiving Sets New Trend in Screaming for Ukraine is the campaign by the World Tourism Network to support the travel and tourism industry and the people of Ukraine in the unprovoked attack by Russia on their country.

World Tourism Network has members in 128 countries.

Panama and Ukraine have something in common. Two leaders with the first name Ivan.

Today the Hon. Iván Xavier Eskildsen Alfaro, the Minister of Tourism for Panama, forwarded this image to Ivan Liptuga, head of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine.

A skydiving event over the beautiful Contadora Island, Pearl Islands in Panama, showed solidarity with Ukraine in this Central American country at Pepe’s Island Boogie 2022 in Panama, known as #DisneyForSkydivers.

Panama has been at the forefront in Central America in bringing its destination onto the global platform. With a national tourism slogan Live for More, a very active and outspoken Minister of Tourism showcased its destination to the world last week with Expo Turismo International.

Doing business with friends is one of the ministers’ goals in inviting SKAL International President Burcin Turkkan as his guest of honor at last week’s trade show.


SKAL Romania has been at the forefront of helping Ukrainian refugees, and the campaign was born because of this initiative with SKAL hosted by the World Tourism Network two weeks ago.

Isla Contadora is a Panamanian island on the Pearl Islands archipelago in the Gulf of Panama with an area of 1.39 km², which makes it the 11th largest island in the archipelago. With a population of 253, however, it ranks third, after Isla del Rey and Isla Taboga.

The Hon. Minister reached out to Ivan Luptuga in Ukraine through the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

The minister wrote to ATTA saying: If it’s not too late, please let him know how inspired we are in Panama by the bravery of the Ukrainian people.

Through tourism, we have the capacity to learn more about the different cultures in mankind, as well as different ways of thinking, and we have the power to transform our lives through the profound connection that this can generate.

So, for us it is so much more difficult to understand why humanity reaches this point where wars break out, creating so much pain and suffering for so many people, because of the differences that are supposed to make us all richer and better people.

Please send them our expression of solidarity and our best energy from Panama.

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