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Nuclear Energy Divides the World Even More

Nuclear power

Nuclear electricity is a good part of nuclear, compared to Atomic weapons. The United States of America is the leader in nuclear electricity.

Nuclear electricity is a good part of nuclear, compared to Atomic weapons. At least many countries think so.

The United States of America is the leader in nuclear electricity globally.

While countries like Germany are working to eliminate nuclear power, the U.S., China, France, Russia, and South Korea count for 5.99 to a maximum of more than 30% of this energy source.

U.S. nuclear power plants produce nearly 790,000 GWh of electricity. That’s roughly 31% of the world’s total electricity production from the resource.

Many countries are investing in this energy source today.

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Some other countries that stop investing in it, may wish they did, considering the Russia Ukraine crisis threatening to interrupt the energy supply to Europe.

Today over 400 nuclear power plants are currently operating in the world. They produce roughly 10% of the earth’s electricity production. 

The United States extended the lives of 88 of its active reactors. That extension will see them remain in operation until 2040.

China comes in second with a production of nearly 345,000 GWh of nuclear electricity. This figure amounts to about 13.5% of the world’s total. Moreover, the Asian powerhouse is ramping up investments in the area in line with its sustainability goals. It plans to commission 150 new reactors before 2035 at over $400B.

France is third in producing 13.3% of the world’s nuclear power.In February eTurboNews reported about 6 new nuclear energy reactors in France.

Meanwhile, Europe’s largest economy Germany placed 8th after contributing 2.4% of the world’s nuclear electricity. 

The two are diametrically opposed to matters of nuclear energy. While Germany is continually decommissioning its reactors, France is scaling its capacity there.

According to a report in Stock App European countries rely more on nuclear power than their peers from other continents.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) data shows France has the highest reliance on this form of energy. Up to 71% of the French electricity comes from nuclear sources, explaining its support for the energy source.

Interestingly, some countries with the highest levels of nuclear power reliance aren’t their biggest producers. A case in mind is  Slovakia. Though it produces hardly 1% of the global total, 54% of the country’s electricity comes from nuclear power.

And despite being the world’s largest producer, the U.S. is seventeenth globally in terms of its reliance on nuclear power. That disparity is due to its population size.

America is larger geographically and population-wise and has diverse sources for its power needs. On the flip side, European countries are significantly smaller and produce less electricity.

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