Nose or Rectal? The new Anal COVID Test for travelers

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Many countries require a COVID test upon arrival. So far it meant a swab into your nose. The new more accurate version is to insert this swab into your anus. Is this government abuse or a new way to keep COVID-19 out and travelers safe?

  1. COVID Test is known as a swab you put up your nose, mouth, or anus
  2. China is the first country requiring anal COVID arrival tests
  3. Anus/Anal COVID Test: A new trend for the world moving forward?

A COVID anal test is more accurate than nasal or mouth swabs.

China has not reported a new local case of COVID-19 in more than a week, but has maintained strict testing, especially for people arriving from other countries like the United States.

Why should diplomats and other foreigners with special status be exempted from receiving an anal COVID test?

The Washington Post reported last week that some U.S. diplomat personnel had told the U.S. State Department they had been subjected to the anal tests when arriving in China.

China denies this, saying foreign diplomats have special status. The question remains if this special status means less COVID threat. Interesting approach.

Chinese doctors say the science is there. Recovering patients, they say, have continued to test positive through samples from the lower digestive tract days after nasal and throat swabs came back negative.

Yet for many, it seemed a step too far in government intrusions after a year and counting of a dignity-eroding pandemic.

Chinese government had rolled out the anal swab in the testing of COVID-19.

Long after a COVID-19 patient tests negative results of the nose and mouth swabs, the anal results could still trace the virus.

A research titled ‘Rectal swabs for COVID-19 diagnosis’ published in April 2020 on the BMJ journal, suggests that while a mouth or nose swab test can produce negative results, a rectal swab on the same patient could indicate traces of COVID-19.

The data also suggest that some patients test positive on rectal swabs in the very first days of COVID-19 onset.

This could explain why the Chinese government favors the anal swab compared to the nose or mouth swab.

Research published on suggests that the COVID-19 virus is shed through the gastrointestinal system via feces.

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