Aurora Tourism: Northern Lights Will Be More Frequent till 2025

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The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, illuminated the skies above Estonia and much of northern Europe last week.

The northern lights phenomenon will be more visible from Earth and frequent until 2025. Estonian astronomer Tõnu Viik stated this, noting that it coincides with the sun reaching the peak of its current 22-year activity cycle.

The lights are most prominently observable at the magnetic north (Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis) and south poles (Southern Lights/Aurora Australis) when observed from Earth. Although they exhibit stunning beauty, excessive activity can occasionally pose challenges for humans.

The color of the aurora depend upon the height of the solar wind hitting the earth’s atmosphere. Auroras are most visible in spring and autum due to clear skies. As it is connected to the activity of the Sun, observers may not see the lights on every clear night.

Many tourists travel to regions near the polar zones, like Scandinavia, Canada, Iceland, and Antarctica, to witness these breathtaking natural light displays. Aurora tourism has become a popular industry, with travelers seeking the opportunity to experience the auroras’ mesmerizing colors and patterns in the night sky. This tourism has contributed to the economies of these regions and has led to the development of specialized tours and accommodations for aurora enthusiasts.

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