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aaatraq and advantage microsyst
aaatraq and advantage microsyst

Advantage Microsystems seals partnership to offer next generation cyber protection

Advantage Microsystems, a provider of IT services to SMEs, has entered a strategic partnership with InsurTech AAAtraq to help clients reduce their cyber risk.

Our clients are more exposed now to litigation from failure to comply with the ADA than ever before, so being able to help them reduce this risk is a real positive for our organization.”

— Steven Hart CEO Advantage Microsystems

Advantage Microsystems, a leading provider of IT services to SMEs and non-profit organizations, has entered a strategic partnership with InsurTech company AAAtraq to help clients reduce their cyber risk.

Society’s reliance on the internet is increasing year-on-year, with COVID-19 only serving to accelerate this trend. Research by ACI Worldwide1 in the spring of last year showed that transaction volumes across most retail sectors saw a 74% rise in March compared with the same period in the previous year.

Even as the pandemic dissipates this upward trend will continue, increasing online risk for all organizations.
Cyber liability insurance traditionally safeguard’s against risks such as malicious hacking and more recently, privacy and data protection. But cyber cover has not evolved to protect against content failure—an emerging risk driven by shifting internet usage patterns—leaving many exposed.

Those with disabilities rely on the internet to access services that are central to their lives. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) protects against discrimination on the basis of disability, safeguarding the rights of individuals to have equal access to services.

Digital complacency is increasing online content failure and with it organizations’ ability to comply with the ADA. Site owners face very real risks from litigation and brand reputational damage that is costing organizations across the USA over $1 billion per year.

“We’re always looking to expand our range of support to clients and the addition of AAAtraq’s service is a perfect accompaniment,” said Advantage Microsystems CEO, Steven Hart. “Our clients are more exposed now to litigation from failure to comply with the ADA than ever before, so being able to help them reduce this risk is a real positive for our organization.”

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AAAtraq is designed for risk managers to understand, achieve and maintain their organization’s compliance with the ADA. A strategic, principle-driven, pathway ensures compliance can be achieved quickly, at minimal cost and without technical distractions.
“Data protection, blocking access to systems and other cyber risks remain a huge problem for society. However, the everyday business owner faces additional risks that are not yet covered by the typical cyber liability policy,” said Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq.

Gallagher, the world’s largest independent insurance broker, were instrumental in creating the partnership through their strong technology positioning in the market. “Gallagher are continually looking to innovate by bringing cutting-edge risk reduction solutions to market,” Said Steven Hart.

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Journalists looking to test the system for themselves can request a complimentary risk profile here – https://aaatraq.com/
For more information, contact James Simpson @ TMCC Marketing: [email protected] / 07771 920893

1 https://apnews.com/press-release/business-wire/b6847791fbed49af98a47d1dcd6293a7

About Advantage Microsystems (https://advantagemicro.net),
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We manage IT, so you don’t have to.

We help small- to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations use technology to change the way they work. We simplify their IT management, assess and manage their information security risks, identify new paths to productivity, all while providing a highly responsive level of service.

About AAAtraq (www.AAAtraq.com)
It would be inconceivable to open a building that doesn’t adhere to the ADA. The same principle applies online. Currently, however, 94% of the 225 million websites in the US are non-compliant and discriminatory, leaving organizations at risk of litigation.

AAAtraq is an InsurTech solution for risk managers to identify and mitigate ADA website compliance risk. A Compliance Identification and Management Service, AAAtraq provides a strategic, principle-driven pathway to compliance without technical distractions. Our intelligence- driven automation enables organizations to understand, achieve and maintain compliance in less time and at lower cost.

Uncertainty is replaced with confidence, underpinned by legal support and $50,000 of litigation cost cover.

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