NewTree Ranch Begins Accepting Reservations Providing A Sustainable Oasis Where Adventure and Wellness Intersect

NewTree Ranch Begins Accepting Reservations Providing A Sustainable Oasis Where Adventure and Wellness Intersect
NewTree Ranch

NewTree Ranch, an unparalleled destination for travelers seeking wellness experiences and an eco-friendly destination, is accepting long-term reservations as well as four and six-night retreat reservations for stays beginning July 1, 2020.  Nestled in the secluded Pacific Redwood Forest of Northern California, the biodynamic ranch is a mecca for mind, body and spirit, allowing guests to relax, rejuvenate and discover their inner curiosity through an array of healing and outdoor adventure offerings.  As our culture dramatically shifts to focus on health, the surrounding environment and creating a positive change in the world, travelers are reconsidering what the ideal vacation looks like.  NewTree Ranch presents the perfect destination, bringing a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to travel and bespoke experiences for guests.

“I believe our connection with nature is not a choice, but a necessity, and I encourage everyone to find theirs,” said Ed Newell, founder and CEO of NewTree Ranch.  “NewTree Ranch provides visitors with the opportunity to rethink the way they integrate with the environment.  Traditional approaches to sustainable travel have focused on how to minimize the negative impact human activity has on natural resources.  However, at NewTree Ranch, we focus not simply on minimizing damage, but on nurturing and healing ourselves and the environment.”

A Destination More Recluse

NewTree Ranch’s unique setting in the Pacific Redwood Forest on 120 acres of untouched land allows visitors to veer away from overly crowded resorts and reconnect with nature, providing guests with the quintessential escape from the hustle and bustle of their fast-paced lives.

The seclusion of the ranch separates guests from the outside world and allows them to mindfully connect with the outdoors and live synonymously with nature as they learn how to flourish off the land and practice conscious and sustainable living.  The ranch’s close proximity to the charming community of downtown Healdsburg also enables visitors to experience the world’s greatest wineries, Michelin-star restaurants, incredible hiking and walking trails and natural wonders that the world-renowned wine destination has to offer.

“When the world is closing in on you, and you feel it spinning out of control, it is time to head to NewTree Ranch!” proclaimed a recent guest.  “What an amazingly beautiful location with so much to learn.  You leave refreshed and with a new outlook on how to make sure we are doing the best for ourselves and our planet.”

Sustainability Efforts that Create Impact

NewTree Ranch lives and breathes sustainability, with ability to provide its own power sources, water, food from the biodynamic garden and on-site staff, who live and work at the ranch.  By practicing closed loop agriculture, recycling nutrients and organic matter back into the soil they originally grew in, NewTree Ranch preserves the nutrient and carbon levels within its soil and allows farming to be carried out on a sustainable basis.  The absence of chemical use ensures that no toxins are released into the ranch’s soil or environment, with all soil and water consistently tested to guarantee the nonexistence of pesticides and chemicals.  NewTree Ranch educates and inspires guests to live a more sustainable life themselves through host of exceptional adventures, from learning about the ranch animals’ role in supporting the vital ecosystem to giving guests the opportunity to dive into the many facets of a biodynamic farm with expert farmers as they teach guests about biodynamic preparations, compost building, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and companion planting.

Unparalleled Accommodations and Amenities

NewTree Ranch proves that sustainability and wellness do not have to compromise a luxurious experience.  Discerning travelers step into an alternate world upon entering The Ranch Estate at NewTree Ranch, with accommodations boasting four luxury suites sleeping eight guests more than comfortably.  The Ranch Estate is adorned with contemporary ranch-style décor, showcasing unique artwork from in-house photographers and artists, warm, earth tone hues and rich wood accents.  For guests wishing to enjoy a peaceful night under the stars and embrace the outdoors, NewTree Ranch offers a “glamping” experience, featuring a luxury canvas tent that can sleep up to two guests and is equipped with an outdoor soaking tub, wood-burning stove and lounge chairs.  Serving as the ultimate gathering place for friends, family and associates, The Ranch Estate features a fully stocked professional kitchen and a wraparound terrace with stunning views of the encompassing redwoods in the main living area.

An Emphasis on Plant-Based Health and Wellbeing

NewTree Ranch was founded on the belief, “Living off the land is an experience of a lifetime and can inspire a spiritual, ethical and ecological approach to living.”  With health measures going above and beyond any traditional guest stay, NewTree Ranch, for example, only uses all-natural cleaning products for their thorough two-day sanitization period prior to guests’ arrival.  The ranch has also made the conscious decision to adhere to a plant-based diet.  Chef Matteo Silverman is NewTree Ranch’s on-call plant-based-trained, celebrity chef whose passion for creating unique, plant-based food focuses on farm-to-table concepts featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients that are local, organic and sustainably grown.  His palette-pleasing cuisine incorporates flavors from diverse cultures around the world.  He is uncompromising when it comes to avoiding any processed and packaged food, making every ingredient from scratch.

Month-long, shelter-in-place retreats include a hands-on, plant-based cooking class with Chef Silverman as well as a plant-based, farm-to-table lunch or dinner at NewTree Ranch’s outdoor farm kitchen prepared by Chef Silverman.  Four-night retreats also include a plant-based, farm-to-table lunch or dinner and six-night retreats include a lunch or dinner, as well as a plant-based cooking class with Chef Silverman.

Alternative Wellness and Eco-Focused Guest Experiences  

NewTree Ranch features a talented on-site team that provides access to a wide variety of programming that speaks to the adventurous, health and environmentally conscious traveler in search of unique experiences and a sense of community.  Among these complementary experiences include biodynamic farming, flower picking and arranging, nature hikes, swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking at Lake Andreas, tea making, fruit and vegetable harvesting and the option to sleep under the stars in the ranch’s glamping tent.  Additionally, guests can book once-in-a-lifetime transformative explorations, such as The Wim Hof Experience, which recently increased in popularity under the spotlight on Netflix’s docuseries “Goop Lab.”   Through the ranch’s programming, guests have the opportunity to choose from a selection of exclusively curated itineraries, from rejuvenating private yoga and meditation sessions, to wine tasting outings in the ranch’s Tesla Model X and hands-on cooking classes with celebrity Chef Silverman.

“This is a place for those who want to get away from it all, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, but still have all the mod cons you would want,” said a past guest.  “I would recommend NewTree to anyone wanting to relax, reconnect and enjoy life.”

New Tree Ranch is located at 3600 Wallace Creek Road and is now accepting reservations for long and short-term retreats.  For more information and to book a reservation, please visit, email [email protected] or call (707) 433-9643.


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