New Technology Revolutionizing Sustainable Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Buddie Launch
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Written by Linda Hohnholz

Today marks the announcement of Buddie, an innovative digital platform poised to redefine the tourism landscape in Saudi Arabia.

Leveraging advanced technology, including AI, Buddie connects tourists with a comprehensive array of services and activities, making it the first of its kind to offer a fully integrated, accessible, and sustainable tourism experience.

Designed to be universally accessible and user-friendly, Buddie is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences that are tailor-made to meet the needs and preferences of each user. By Integrating AI, the platform offers personalized travel recommendations, ensuring every tourist can enjoy a unique and fulfilling journey through the Kingdom.

“Buddie is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards more responsible and inclusive tourism,” said Mohammed Huraib, CEO of Buddie. “We are committed to supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 by promoting sustainable tourism practices that respect our environment and cultural heritage while providing substantial growth opportunities for local SMEs and specialized communities.”

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Co-founder Abdulghafoor Abdulhaleem added, “The platform also emphasizes sustainability, featuring eco-friendly options and initiatives that contribute to conservation efforts and promote environmental awareness among travelers and local communities alike.”

– Personalized Travel Itineraries: Utilizing AI to tailor travel experiences based on individual preferences.

– Support for Local Businesses: Connecting tourists with local SMEs, boosting local economies.

– Accessibility for All: Ensuring that the platform is accessible to tourists with disabilities, featuring multilingual support.

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Buddie’s official launch event will take place at the beginning of the fourth quarter this year and will be attended by key stakeholders from the tourism sector, technology innovators, sports and activities federations chairmen and chairwomen, and government sector representatives.

The event will showcase the detailed functionalities of the platform and its benefits to the tourism ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

For more information about Buddie, or to schedule an interview with Mohammed Huraib, please contact [email protected] or visit the Buddie website.

Buddie is the first fully integrated, AI-powered tourism platform in Saudi Arabia, designed to revolutionize the way tourists explore and experience the Kingdom. With a Focus on sustainability, accessibility, and community support, Buddie is the ultimate travel companion in Saudi Arabia.

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