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New Clinical Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

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Synaptogenix, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing regenerative therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders, today announced plans to develop Bryostatin-1 for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, a third indication for the drug candidate. The Company will collaborate with the Cleveland Clinic through a new consulting agreement.

“Synaptogenix is excited to work with this internationally recognized team of experts. A clinical trial focused on both safety and efficacy is the priority of the collaboration. Advancing our clinical development plans through partnership has been a strategic focus over the past year and will continue to be a key focus going forward. We are very pleased that we’ve been able to partner with world leading institutions on endeavors such as this collaboration with Cleveland Clinic for MS and our previously announced Fragile X partnership with Nemours A. I. Dupont,” stated Dr. Alan Tuchman, CEO of Synaptogenix, Inc.

“Multiple sclerosis joins Alzheimer’s disease (“AD”) and Fragile X syndrome as our third indication with potential clinical benefit from Bryostatin-1.  Elimination of synapses in MS patients, like those lost in AD, has not been addressed by currently available drug strategies. Through its synaptogenic, restorative mechanisms of action, we believe that Bryostatin-1 is uniquely positioned to target synaptic loss and cognitive dysfunction in MS, and potentially other aspects of the disease such as inflammation and demyelination. We will work with the Cleveland Clinic to finalize a protocol as soon as possible with the goal of moving towards a clinical trial soon thereafter,” stated Dr. Daniel Alkon, the Company’s President and Chief Scientific Officer.

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