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New Book on Cyber Security Risk in Healthcare

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Thought Marketing Founder & CEO Allison J. Taylor has contributed cyber security and risk management chapters to an Amazon Hot New Release book, Mobile Medicine: Overcoming People, Culture, and Governance.

Co-written with 26 other experts from cross-disciplinary sectors such as law, medicine, and engineering, the book aims to help prevent delays in healthcare communications that take a patient’s life every nine minutes, according to the esteemed Institute for Healthcare Improvement.             

Delivering safe and reliable mobile messaging that complies with privacy rules, laws and regulations in a patient setting is surprisingly complex. The root causes are multifactorial, including technical and cultural dimensions. The book’s multi-disciplinary set of experts provide perspectives and insights that can expedite learning for any teams grappling with technology in healthcare issues, whether product designers, business leaders or professors of innovation. Health system and life sciences executives working in digital transformation, as well as financial investors whose success hinges upon accurately understanding the sector, particularly require such a rich informational resource.

Upon its international launch on November 8th, Mobile Medicine debuted as the #1 Hot New Release in both medical technology and medical informatics on Amazon, was named the #1 eBook of the year in healthcare by top CEOs, industry leaders, and experts by Book Authority, and both the hardback and paperback editions were recommended as top 10 telemedicine books by the leading U.K. book recommendation site, LoveReading, according to the book’s editor Sherri Douville, CEO, & Board Director, Medigram Inc. She notes the book is the only healthcare title to be featured by both the largest physician leadership organization, American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL), as well as the largest engineering technical organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Chapter 10 succinctly conveys the fundamentals of healthcare cybersecurity threats, which is especially useful for those new to the field – lawyers, engineers, hospital administrators, physicians, chief medical officers and others in healthcare and healthcare IT investment sectors.

In Chapter 11, Taylor details mobile medicine risk management from an implementation perspective, together with co-authors Eric Svetcov, CTO & CSO at Medigram, Inc. and Matthew Perez, Senior Manager, Information Protection at eviCore healthcare.

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