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Nepal World Tourism Network Chapter Launched

, Nepal World Tourism Network Chapter Launched, eTurboNews | eTN

Nepal Tourism set an important trend in support of Small and medium sized travel and tourism businesses with its new WTN chapter.


It was a big day for Nepal Tourism when WTN members from 133 countries said Namaste and Welcome to its latest Chapter opening and the first opening of a chapter in the Himalayan region. It was also a proud day for Mr. Pankaj Pradhanang, Director of Four Season Travel & Tours who will take on the role of Chapter Leader, overseeing the Nepal Chapter’s initiatives. 

WTN’s International Tourism Hero Mr. Deepak R Joshi, will support the chapter as the Chief Strategic Advisor.

In a landmark event held at the venue of CNI (Confederation of Nepalese Industries), the Nepal chapter of the World Tourism Network (WTN) was officially launched.

The ceremony, attended by eminent figures in the country’s tourism industry, marked the beginning of a collaborative effort to revitalize and expand Nepal’s tourism sector while connecting it to the global tourism network.

The Nepal Chapter of WTN has been established with the aim of strengthening Nepal’s tourism industry, making it more competitive while ensuring sustainability at its core.

The network is to bring together various stakeholders, including government agencies, organizations, and individuals involved in the tourism business. This new chapter of the World Tourism Network will focus on four key objectives:

1. Exchange of Business Opportunities: Facilitating international business opportunities for Nepali tourism professionals and entrepreneurs and networking within the country to exchange business opportunities.

2. Industrial growth through Development, Expansion, and Promotion of Tourism: Actively working towards the development, expansion, and promotion of Nepal’s tourism industry.

3. Knowledge and Skills Exchange: Promoting the exchange of essential knowledge and competencies within the tourism sector and outside.

4. Building better resilience and sustainable ecosystem in the industry:  Collaborating to create a sustainable business environment that supports the growth of tourism in Nepal.

5. Supporting Small and medium-sized businesses to help them to be competitive.

The Nepal Chapter plans to organize a series of activities and programs aimed at enhancing the capacity, competitiveness, and coordination among tourism professionals and businesses affiliated with the chapter.

These initiatives will play a crucial role in showcasing Nepal’s vast potential for sustainable tourism, including its natural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and adventure attractions.

The current members include Mr Kumar Thapaliya, Ms Yuvika Bhandari, Mr. Sarik Bogati, Mr Basant Bajracharya, Ms. Deenam Lamichhane, Mr Vivek Pyakurel, Mr Sunil Shrestha, Mr. Pratik Pahari, Mrs. Shailaja Pradhanang, Mr Roshan Ghimire to name a few.

Additionally, the chapter will benefit from the wisdom and guidance of several esteemed advisors as the Lead Guardians, like Hon’ble Ms Yankila Sherpa (former minister for tourism), tourism expert, and a seasoned tour business practitioner Bijaya Amatya. 

, Nepal World Tourism Network Chapter Launched, eTurboNews | eTN
Chairman Juergen Steinmetz addressing the Nepal Chapter

One of the primary goals of the Nepal Chapter is to connect the country with the extensive global tourism network spanning 133 countries.

With the launch of the Nepal Chapter of the World Tourism Network, the country takes a significant step towards realizing its tourism potential and contributing to sustainable development. As the Nepal Chapter embarks on this journey, it holds the promise of making Nepal an even more prominent and attractive destination on the global tourism map.

Chairman Juergen Steinmetz congratulated the launch of the Nepal chapter saying: “We just had the opportunity to partner with the Himalayan Travel Market I attended. It is clear Nepal is a prime destination run by small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses.

On August 6 Pankaj and Deepak already met to lay the foundation for this new chapter that has now opened in record time.

“Globally we hope to support and learn from Nepal, and are looking forward to an extensive exchange of information and activities.”

To join World Tourism Network as a member and for more information go to

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