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Trekking in Nepal Safer

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In order to ensure the safety and security of visitors trekking in protected areas in the mountains of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has revised procedures of the Trekking Information Management System (TIMS).

The new provision requires all trekkers to obtain the services of a licensed trekking guide. They also need to obtain TIMS Card through authorized trekking agencies registered with the Government of Nepal. The new provision shall come into effect post March 31, 2023.

After a series of discussions with the trekking and relevant trade unions in Nepal, they have taken the decision. The latest revision is expected to mitigate adverse incidents. Getting lost en-route, health issues, and natural disasters constitute the most common of such accidents.

With this implementation, trekkers will have immediate access to a professional support system. It will also help in addressing the challenges of rescue operations in case of any unwarranted situation.

In addition to safety, the new provision will create employment for workers in the tourism sector of Nepal and discourage unauthorized trekking operations in the country.

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Binayak - based in Kathmandu - is an editor and author writing for eTurboNews.

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