Nepal Airlines Will Purchase 10 Aircrafts: Minister Kiranti

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Written by Binayak Karki

Sudan Kiranti, the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, announced plans to purchase up to 10 aircrafts for Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) within the current fiscal year.

Minister Sudan Kiranti, receiving a memorandum from Nepal Students’ Union, addressed concerns about black market air ticket prices during festivals.

He mentioned rising fuel costs leading to fare increases and the need to discuss with relevant agencies to curb the black market. Kiranti emphasized government intervention, adding 10 aircraft to Nepal Airlines, as vital for controlling inflation and attracting tourists.

He proposed initiating the aircraft acquisition process before Dashain and announced new flights from Nepalgunj to remote areas. He cited a 35% airfare increase due to fuel cost hikes and 13% VAT and stressed the importance of expanding Nepal Airlines’ fleet to control prices and attract tourists, with the acquisition process commencing soon.

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