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NASA accused China of failing responsible standards after Rocket crashed close to the Maldives

NASA accused China of failing responsible standards after out of Control Rocket crashed in Maldives

People from New Zealand to New York, from Tokyo to Rio were at edge today searching the sky for an out of control rocket, hoping it would spare them.

  1. Debris from the large Chinese rocket which was tumbling back on earth in an uncontrolled manner has reportedly Crashed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives this morning.
  2. NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson released a statement on Saturday regarding debris from the Chinese Long March 5 Rocket:
  3. The rocket took off 10 days ago and became uncontrollable

Billions of people in the world saw an out of Control rocket hitting them from out of space. After this rocket crashed in the Indian Ocean close to the Maldives, without killing anyone.

NASA said: “Spacefaring nations must minimize the risks to people and property on Earth of re-entries of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations. 

“It is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris. 

“It is critical that China and all spacefaring nations and commercial entities act responsibly and transparently in space to ensure the safety, stability, security, and long-term sustainability of outer space activities.”

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