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Narrating Suzhou’s Shining Story on the Silk Road to the World

, Narrating Suzhou’s Shining Story on the Silk Road to the World, eTurboNews | eTN
Egyptian students and the Youth Band from Taicang jointly perform "Jasmine Flower."

Known for its canals, bridges, and classical gardens, Suzhou is a city situated to the west of Shanghai.


The Humble Administrator’s Garden, established in 1513, showcases zigzag bridges that traverse interconnected pools and islands. Ornate viewing pavilions grace the Lingering Garden, alongside the remarkable limestone rockery known as the Crown of Clouds Peak. At the pinnacle of Tiger Hill stands the Cloud Rock Pagoda, a seven-story pagoda with a distinctive leaning.

The “Suzhou’s Shining Story on the Silk Road to the World” Online Communication Event, officially kicked off in Taicang, Suzhou on November 16.

Over the past decade, Suzhou’s total foreign trade has surged from $69.95 billion to $137 billion, owing to its active engagement in trade and economic cooperation with Belt and Road countries.

Suzhou has successfully expanded its presence to 35 participating nations, undertaking 670 projects with an agreed investment amounting to $8 billion. Notably, Suzhou’s contributions extend beyond economic realms, with initiatives like Higer Buses providing vital public transportation services for nearly a million people in Algeria and the Hengtong Group’s power cable networking project in Mexico safeguarding the nation’s crucial infrastructure.

Additionally, Lexy Group’s ongoing factory construction in Thailand and the operational success of their Vietnam factory demonstrate Suzhou’s commitment to bolstering industrial capabilities abroad.

Sailing from Taicang, the starting point of Zheng He’s fleet, the event traces the Silk Road and highlights Suzhou’s friendly collaboration with Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Hungary. Mainstream media from China and abroad, as well as influencers, are invited to provide diverse perspectives and comprehensive multimedia promotion.

Through captivating visuals and storytelling, the event shares authentic narratives from countries along the Belt and Road, demonstrating Suzhou’s dedication to unity, mutual trust, equality, mutual benefit, inclusive exchange, and win-win cooperation. With a conscious embrace of the “Silk Road Spirit,” Suzhou aims to showcase its unique charm and introduce its new face to the world, offering global audiences a glimpse into the convergence of industries, culture, intelligent manufacturing, and arts between Suzhou and other Belt and Road cities.

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