Most Unreliable US Airports to Avoid at Any Cost

Most Unreliable US Airports to Avoid at Any Cost
Most Unreliable US Airports to Avoid at Any Cost
Written by Harry Johnson

Maneuvering through some US airports can transform the thrill of travel adventure into anxiety and annoyance.

Traveling can be a thrilling adventure, but maneuvering through specific airports may transform this thrill into anxiety and annoyance. Recent studies have identified the least dependable airports in the United States, with Aspen/Pitkin County Airport in Colorado ranking as the most unreliable.

Travel industry experts conducted an analysis of Google reviews, the rate of cancellations per 100 departures, and the average flight delay duration at all US airports with 1,000 or more departures annually. These variables were used to calculate the most unreliable airports in the US, with a lower score indicating a higher level of unreliability.

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport in Colorado has claimed the top spot with an index score of 30.32/100. The airport experiences an average of 6.41 cancellations per 100 departures, ranking it as the seventh highest in the United States. Between January 2023 and January 2024, there were a total of 6,591 departures, each delayed by an average of 22.9 minutes.

Santa Fe Municipal Airport in New Mexico takes the second spot with a score of 36.16/100. Departures from this airport face an average delay of 14 minutes. Furthermore, 1.6 out of every 100 Google reviews mention that the airport is stressful or unsafe, making it the fifth highest in the country.

Next in line is Newark Liberty International Airport, situated in New Jersey, with a rating of 36.89/100. Approximately 1.2 out of every 100 Google reviews mention that the airport is stressful or unsafe. On average, each flight departing from EWR is delayed by 15.2 minutes.

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in Texas secures the fourth spot with a rating of 37.77/100. On average, there are 3.2 cancellations for every 100 departures. The flights that are not cancelled face an average delay of 9.5 minutes each.

Taking the fifth position is Chicago Midway International Airport in Illinois, boasting a score of 37.79/100. The average delay for each flight departing from MDW is 13.9 minutes, with two out of every 100 flights being cancelled.

Casper/Natrona County International Airport in Wyoming ranks sixth, achieving a score of 37.92 out of 100. 3.18 out of 100 flights are cancelled, while the remaining flights experience an average delay of 16.6 minutes.

Williston Basin International Airport in North Dakota is ranked seventh with a score of 38.19/100. On average, each departure is delayed by 16.9 minutes and 2.7 out of 100 flights are cancelled.

Texarkana Regional Airport in Arkansas has been ranked eights and rated at 38.43 out of 100. The average delay for departures from TXK is 18.2 minutes. Additionally, 0.5% of Google reviews indicate that the airport is considered stressful or unsafe.

Ithaca Tompkins International Airport in New York ranks ninth with a score of 38.83/100. 6.1% of flights are cancelled, and the average delay for departing flights is 8.3 minutes.

Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Massachusetts takes the tenth spot with a score of 39.75/100. Departures are delayed by an average of 28 minutes, and 4.4% of departures are cancelled.

Conversely, Newport News/Williamsburg International in Virginia is considered the most dependable airport in the United States, achieving a score of 78.92 out of 100.

Following closely behind are Salisbury Regional Airport in Maryland and Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in North Carolina, with scores of 78.18 and 71.87 out of 100, respectively.

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