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Most underrated and overrated road trips in the world

Most underrated and overrated road trips in the world
Most underrated and overrated road trips in the world
Written by Harry Johnson

Many travelers have many times dreamt about getting in the car and setting off along Route 66 or another epic road trip.

But what do some of the roads less traveled have to offer?

While there are thousands of great road trips that people aren’t aware of, this is purely a look at some of the most popular ones.

Top 10 Most Underrated Road Trips 

RankRoad TripCountry% of ‘Good’ ReviewsAnnual Search VolumeOverall Score /10
1Causeway Coastal RouteUnited Kingdom98.1%23,7009.19
2Route des CrêtesFrance98.5%131,2008.27
3Foothills ParkwayUnited States97.5%68,7008.17
3Lamar ValleyUnited States97.4%68,0008.17
5Trail Ridge RoadUnited States98.6%156,4007.86
6Beartooth HighwayUnited States98.2%142,3007.66
7Route NapoléonFrance100.0%270,2007.45
7San Juan SkywayUnited States95.7%24,7807.45
7Needles HighwayUnited States97.9%140,5007.45
10Great St Bernard PassItaly96.4%82,8007.25

1. Causeway Coastal Route, United Kingdom

% of ‘good’ reviews: 98.1%

Annual search volume: 23,700

Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast is one of the UK’s most rugged and raw beauty spots. One of the best ways to experience the coast is on this scenic drive from Belfast to Derry. Despite 98.1% of the journey’s Tripadvisor reviews being positive, the road trip had just 23,700 searches in the last 12 months.

To put that into perspective, the famous Route 66 trip had over 6.5 million searches in the same period. This is surprising considering the Causeway Coastal Route’s fame. The trip takes in many popular sites such as the Glens of Antrim, as well as padding well-known filming locations from Game of Thrones.

2. Route des Crêtes, France

% of ‘good’ reviews: 98.5%

Annual search volume: 131,200

Another lesser-known route is the Route des Crêtes in eastern France’s Vosges Mountains. The route runs from Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to Cernay, through the Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges, reaching an elevation of over 950m. Despite the stunning views and great reviews from those who’ve driven it, this trip was searched just 131,200 times in the last year.

3. Foothills Parkway, United States

% of ‘good’ reviews: 97.5%

Annual search volume: 68,700

There are 2 road trips that are tied in third place, both in the USA. The first is the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee. As the name suggests, the road stretches from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and runs to the Tennessee Valley. The route provides spectacular views of both, and it is actually still under construction, with new stretches constantly being added.

3. Lamar Valley, United States

% of ‘good’ reviews: 97.4%

Annual search volume: 68,000

Located in the northeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park, the Lamar Valley offers some of the most impressive scenery in the country. Despite this, the route saw only 68,000 people searching for it in the last year.

The area is often referred to as ‘America’s Serengeti’, with lots of wildlife species to spot such as wolves, bison, pronghorn, badgers, bears, and more.

World’s Most Underrated Road Trips 

1. Nandi Hills, India

% of ‘good’ reviews: 81.7%

Annual search volume: 1.96 million

On the other hand, India’s Nandi Hills is crowned the most overrated road trip. Its ratio of 81.7% positive reviews is still a good score. But given that the trip has been searched almost 2 million times in a year, you’d expect slightly more positive ratings.

The route is a popular trip, but this very popularity has led to the area becoming overcrowded and commercialized in the eyes of some.

2. Route 66, United States

% of ‘good’ reviews: 89.1%

Annual search volume: 6.52 million

As perhaps the most famous road trip in the world, it would always be difficult for the famous Route 66 to fully live up to the hype. The route received over 6.5 million annual searches last year, far more than any other route.

But, despite many positives, Route 66 is a very long trip, with much of it taking you across very flat and unremarkable scenery. Much of the highway is a simple 2 lane road that is poorly maintained in places. This may explain why the route has received fewer positive reviews than other road trips analyzed.

3. Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii, United States

% of ‘good’ reviews: 83.4%

Annual search volume: 801,500

Another well-known drive that failed to convince some visitors is the Road to Hana, in Maui, Hawaii. The Road to Hana is an epic journey, stretching 64.4 miles along the coast. However, reviews claim that some of the sights aren’t as spectacular as you’d hope.

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