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McDonald’s customers in Russia Scream in Support of Big Mac and Ukraine

Russians love Mcdonald’s and hate the war in Ukraine.

Russian social media has been going viral with local citizens protesting against the closure of many western businesses, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and many more.

Many see this as a scream for Ukraine and against the ongoing invasion and killing spree by Russian forces.

Yesterday a very heavy Russian man, who said was addicted to Big Macs chained himself to the door of McDonald’s in Moscow.

The same man last year flew on a Kazan-Moscow flight (DP284). He is a well-known pianist, Luka Safronov, who was stuck in the toilet seat of the Boeing 737-800 plane of Pobeda Airlines.

Last year Safronov could not get out of the trap on his own and began to call for help. The crew immediately responded to his screams, additionally, the help of passengers was required. According to eyewitnesses, the pianist was seized with panic, he began to scream loudly.

Passengers at the tail of the cabin froze in confusion and confusion: Some thought it was funny, others did not know how to help.

All this happened at the time of the announcement that the plane was preparing to land. But thanks to the crew and the support of passengers, the victim of small airline toilets was removed.

Yesterday the same man panicked knowing he may never have a delicious McDonald’s Big Mac again.

He chained himself to a McDonald’s in Moscow to stop it from closing, days after the company said it would stop operating in Russia.

Other McDonald’s lovers in Russia bought dozens of Happy Meals, Big Macs, and Quarter Pounders to last them for a while and for their freezers.

Luka Safronov was filmed at the Moscow restaurant just hours before all the McDonald’s diners were due to close in Russia on Monday.

In a video of Sunday’s protest on social media, Safronov is heard shouting in Russian “Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizens!”

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