Man Streaking Naked in an Airplane: Abort! Abort!

handcuff - image courtesy of Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay
image courtesy of Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay
Written by Linda Hohnholz

A male passenger found out on Monday that it’s illegal to run naked down the aisle of a commercial aircraft, not to mention to knock down an airline crew member nor to bang, in said bare state, on the cockpit door.

Virgin Australia flight VA696 was cruising along at 31,000 feet when a male passenger suddenly took off down the aisle in nothing but his birthday suit, aka streaking. After he ran into and knocked over a flight attendant, he proceeded to the cockpit where he kept banging on the door.

According to passengers on the flight, another male passenger in business class helped to intervene while 2 air marshals restrained and handcuffed the naked man.

The flight had departed Perth, Australia, at 1920 headed for Melbourne but had to turn back after being in flight for only about a half an hour when the incident occurred.

The cuffed passenger was arrested by Australian Federal Police upon landing and taken to a nearby hospital although it was not clear why a stop at the hospital was deemed necessary. It was at the medical facility, however, where charges against him were finalized.

The naked man is scheduled to appear before Perth Magistrates Court on June 14. Until then, he has been issued a prison uniform.

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