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Malta claims Herd Immunity, opens tourism for international visitors

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Malta Blood on the Crown
Written by Dmytro Makarov

Herd Immunity may be a new magic word when it comes to reopen the travel and tourism industry. Maltas tourism ministry is now claiming Herd Immunity, what is a brave step – but is it safe and true to say?

  1. Malta is a member country of the European Union and an Island Nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Tourism is one of the most important business sector in Malta.
  2. While much of Europe has slow vaccination rates, lockdowns, and restrictions, many are looking for destinations within the EU where a holiday can be less restricted and more fun. Malta wants to be this country and has a magic word: Herd Immunity Achieved!
  3. Malta’s vaccination numbers are good but not the highest in the world. No country in the world claimed herd immunity. Malta is a first here and it may be expected other regions with similar or higher vaccination numbers will copy the word Herd Immunity for themselves.

Is Malta’s claim of Herd Immunity correct or irresponsible?

According to a press release circulated in Germany, Malta became the first country in the European Union to achieve herd immunity of its population in the COVID-19 pandemic. Two weeks ago, the Mediterranean archipelago became the first country in the EU to start vaccinating people over the age of 16. On Whit Monday, May 24th, herd immunity within the population was achieved for the first time with over 70 percent of those vaccinated. 42 percent of the population already enjoy full vaccination protection after the second dose.

According to the John Hopkins Bloomberg School, Herd Immunity can be defined when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease, this provides indirect protection—or population immunity (also called herd immunity or herd protection)—to those who are not immune to the disease.

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