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Luxury hotels deploying plasma air technology to protect their guests and employees

Luxury hotels deploying plasma air technology to protect their guests and employees
Luxury hotels deploying plasma air technology to protect their guests and employees

Plasma Air, the leading innovator in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, announces today that several top luxury hotel brands have selected its ionization systems. The Marriott‘s Autograph Collection Hotels and The Ritz-Carlton are installing bipolar ionization technology in their properties’ HVAC systems to help neutralize viruses, such as COVID-19.

El Paso’s historic Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection is located in the city’s downtown district. It has re-opened after a four-year, multi-million dollar renovation and includes added safety features in the current pandemic age. The hotel, which initially opened in 1912, uses Plasma Air’s ionization technology throughout its HVAC systems. The Plasma Air technology has been proven to help reduce MS2 bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19) by 99%. “We are among the first Marriott Autograph Hotels in the world to install a system that cleans the air to this level,” said Carlos Sarmiento, the hotel’s general manager. “When we undertook this project, we were prepared to restore the 108-year-old property’s architectural elements, create stunning event spaces and amenities, and curate a distinct culinary destination—but COVID-19 created the necessity to enhance the air quality in all areas of the hotel. In 2020, there is no amenity greater than safety.”

The Plasma Air ionization system was easily mounted in the hotel’s HVAC systems — delivering the ionization solution to all of its 350 guest rooms and public spaces — to deactivate any airborne viruses safely. The Plasma Air system also reduces airborne bacteria, mold, odors, and volatile organic compounds, proactively purifying the air around the clock without any harmful by-products or chemicals.

Scottsdale Arizona’s forthcoming Ritz-Carlton at Paradise Valley is set to open in 2021 and will also feature the cutting-edge Plasma Air ionization systems. The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley property has prioritized the oversight of guest safety for its opening. The 122-acre, $2 billion luxury development will include luxury shopping, hospitality, dining, a 215-room Resort, and 81 residential villas. The villas will be the first property in the brand’s assets to boast ionized air.

Over the past six months, owner and developer Five Star Development has pivoted the property’s priority to adjust some aspects of the project to better cater to future residents and guests’ safety, health, and wellness. “We recently made two upgrades to the first phase of the community. The resort and all 81 residential Villas will have ionized air throughout, using the Plasma Air systems,” says Jerry Ayoub, president of Five Star Development. “With the health issues we’re facing in the world today, including Plasma Air ionization was a necessary addition to ensure the highest level of clean, safe airflow throughout the property.” Five Star purchased over 1,000 systems from Plasma Air to be installed throughout its residential living villas, resort, stores, dining, health, and relaxation spaces to reduce the risk of disease and infectious outbreaks, such as COVID-19. 

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“Clean indoor air is becoming a valued commodity in the hotel industry, and with that, an HVAC air purification system is no longer a nice to have, but a competitive must-have,” says Larry Sunshine, President of Plasma Air. “We know that the leisure and hospitality industry has been the hardest hit during this pandemic, and we are now seeing hoteliers trying to pivot into recovery mode with the help of cutting-edge technologies like Plasma Air. We are very pleased to support the COVID-19 response efforts of such world-renowned brands like Marriot and The Ritz Carlton.” 

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