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Lualaba to become a tourism destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Africa has it all, but too often its key USPs which are so important for a potential tourism industry are kept as well guarded secrets. Africa needs all its 54 countries to embrace tourism. It is an accepted fact that tourism is the one industry that can put money directly in the pockets of the inhabitants of countries embracing this industry.
Today we salute the pro-activeness of His Excellency Mr. Richard MUYEJ, Governor Province of Lualaba in Democratic Republic of Congo, and His Excellency Mr. Daniel KAPEND A KAPEND, Provincial Minister responsible for Tourism, Environment and Sustainable Development Province of Lualaba. Lualaba is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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They stood behind their agents coming forward to tell the world that Lualaba is a region that has an extraordinary natural environment that stands very much intact. The Governor of this rich province of DRC believes that tourism is key to bring needed commercial activity for the benefit of the people and economic benefits for the region.

The documentation today available about this region speaks volumes about the potential of Lualaba, yet the name is still totally unknown.

Brand Africa is today on the table and being seen as the driver tagline for the new launch of destinations and provinces. Africa is the Continent that can grow its tourism industry and for this to happen all the key USPs will need to be identified, publicised and made relevant to the traveling public. Visibility of such attractions is needed.

In addition, facilities and services will need to be well publicised in a bid to ensure the destination is accessible and can be visited.

The Lualaba River is the main tributary to the Congo River basin and flows into the Atlantic Ocean., Lualaba to become a tourism destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, eTurboNews | eTN

Before Henry Morton Stanley overcame the obstacles of Central Africa, it was believed that the Lualaba River flowed into the Nile. The Lualaba River basin was the main water source for the natives of Congo and Stanley’s find of the river led to King Leopold II of Belgium’s interest in the region.


Lualaba will become a tourism destination in its own right.

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