Love Between US and Europe Shows in Air Travel

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Written by Linda Hohnholz

The number of air passengers in September between the United States and Europe rose closed to 18% compared to the previous year in the same month.

On a related note, overseas visitor arrivals2 totaled 2.929 million in September 2023, the seventh consecutive month overseas visitor arrivals exceeded 2.0 million. September overseas visitor arrivals reached 84% of pre-pandemic September 2019 volume, up from 82% in August 2023.

U.S. citizen air passenger departures from the United States to foreign countries totaled 5.304 million in September 2023, up 16% compared to September 2022 and exceeding September 2019 volume by 18.1%.

Total air passenger travel (arrivals and departures) between the United States and other countries were led by Canada (2.492 million, up from #2), Mexico (2.411 million), the United Kingdom (1.937 million), Germany (1.044 million), and France (869,000).

International regional air travel to/from the United States to Europe totaled 7.041 million passengers, up 13.9% over September 2022, and down only (-4.2%) compared to September 2019; South/Central America/Caribbean totaled 4.209 million, up 16% over September 2022, and up 16.1% compared to September 2019; and Asia totaled 2.138 million passengers, up 75.5% over September 2022, but down (-29.6%) compared to September 2019.

Top U.S. Ports serving international locations were New York (JFK) 2.983 million, Los Angeles (LAX) 1.928 million, Miami (MIA) 1.681 million, Newark (EWR) 1.338 million and San Francisco (SFO) 1.292 million. Top Foreign Ports serving U.S. locations were London Heathrow (LHR) 1.588 million, Toronto (YYZ) 970,000, Paris (CDG) 774,000, Cancun (CUN) 694,000 and Frankfurt (FRA) 673,000.

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