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London Heathrow Airport Skies are Turning Blue in a Storm


As more countries hit their vaccine rollout milestones whilst maintaining low infection rates, the reopening of vital trading links such as Canada and Singapore is critical for British business. Severed trade links must be restored as soon as the data allows, and UK Government should not delay these vital decisions.

LHR is looking forward to more adventures

  • The further easing of travel restrictions throughout July resulted in a 74% upsurge in passengers compared with July 2020. With consumer confidence on the rise, over 1.5 million travellers passed through Heathrow last month, marking the highest monthly passenger numbers since March 2020. The relaxation in rules has provided a much-needed boost to the UK travel industry, and enabled people across Britain to look forward to a more normal summer reuniting with family and friends abroad.
  • North American passenger numbers grew by nearly 230% YoY, and New York JFK reclaimed the top spot as Heathrow’s most popular route. Later this week Heathrow is set to further increase its transatlantic offering, as it welcomes American carrier jetBlue. With fully vaccinated US visitors now able to travel to the UK without the need to quarantine, the joint UK/US travel taskforce must capitalise on the UK’s world-leading vaccine rollout and reach a reciprocal agreement for fully vaccinated UK travellers.
  • Despite signs of recovery, passenger numbers are still down over 80% on pre-pandemic July 2019, as barriers to travel remain. Ministers committed to reducing testing costs over three months ago, however, the UK still stands as an outlier with Europe slashing their prices and in some cases, subsiding them. Meanwhile, the cost of testing in the UK remains prohibitive for many, as industry calls for VAT to be scrapped, alongside the use of cheaper lateral flow for low-risk destinations. This will keep people safe and will avoid travel becoming the preserve for the wealthy.

Two weeks ago a LHR airport spokesperson told eTurboNews , the London airport wants vaccinated people to travel again. Did they get their wish?

Heathrow Chief Operating Officer, Emma Gilthorpe said: “Finally, some blue skies are on the horizon, as travel and trade routes slowly reopen. The job though is far from complete. Government must now capitalize on the vaccine dividend and seize the opportunity to replace expensive PCR tests with more affordable lateral flow tests. This will ensure travel remains attainable for hardworking Brits, desperate for well-earned getaways and keen to reunite with loved ones before the summer travel window closes.”

On the other end, COVID-19 infections in the UK are far from over and climbing.

Global optimism however is a fact and many say it can be scary.

Looking at the business results at LHR London Heathrow airport a little blue is coming through a sky with black thunderstorm-type clouds.

terminal Passengers
 Jul 2021% ChangeJan to
Jul 2021
% ChangeAug 2020 to
Jul 2021
% Change
UK             167202.3             636-37.1           1,085-64.7
EU             64032.7           1,871-65.2           4,549-73.2
Non-EU Europe             12427.5             433-64.5             995-72.4
Africa               80294.3             440-47.0             759-67.1
North America             232229.9             705-79.2           1,174-89.8
Latin America               36409.8               90-72.5             194-78.4
Middle East             13478.3             563-68.8           1,222-76.7
Asia / Pacific               9765.1             622-73.4           1,192-83.2
Total           1,51174.3           5,359-67.1         11,170-78.0
Air Transport Movements Jul 2021% ChangeJan to
Jul 2021
% ChangeAug 2020 to
Jul 2021
% Change
UK           1,743139.4           7,338-28.412,252-56.2
EU           6,91827.3         23,615-54.5         54,091-60.9
Non-EU Europe           1,13921.2           4,929-56.7         10,480-64.2
Africa             65886.4           4,087-9.4           7,036-35.1
North America           2,52136.9         16,311-31.5         27,176-53.7
Latin America             29974.9           1,067-42.0           2,188-49.2
Middle East           1,37236.9           8,259-20.414,525-38.1
Asia / Pacific           1,72918.9         12,007-21.7         21,330-38.8
Total         16,37937.4         77,613-40.0       149,078-54.5
(Metric Tonnes)
 Jul 2021% ChangeJan to
Jul 2021
% ChangeAug 2020 to
Jul 2021
% Change
UK               19675.1             125-40.0             160-64.9
EU         10,31771.7         71,15586.7       109,14341.3
Non-EU Europe           4,95438.1         38,86286.3         64,06043.0
Africa           5,53512.7         46,16227.9         79,2467.6
North America         39,84343.3       264,21215.0       421,068-8.1
Latin America           2,261-15.3         10,846-38.4         26,994-31.9
Middle East         18,6721.2       128,9477.0       220,096-4.9
Asia / Pacific         33,74635.2       220,05225.0       364,287-0.0
Total       115,34730.5       780,36222.1    1,285,054-0.4

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