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Live Toast to Roots Tourism

, Live Toast to Roots Tourism, eTurboNews | eTN
image courtesy of M.Mascuillo

There was a live connection with the Associative Movement of Italians Abroad to promote “roots tourism” launched by the Ministry of Tourism.

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This was an opportunity that “VisiTuscia Expo,” the Viterbo Tourism and Food and Wine Exchange, included in the initiatives promoted within the DMO “Expo Tuscia” for 2023. It could not be overlooked since the leitmotiv of the event was inspired precisely by this new segment.

The roots tourism live event connection was activated by the Wine Museum of Castiglione in Teverina, the largest in Europe, and the main theme could only be food that has always been considered the demiurge of hospitality and conviviality, enlivening the tables of those about leaving and of those returning.

Representing local administrations were Leonardo Zannini, Mayor of Castiglione in Teverina, who did the honors of the house; Luca Libriani, City Councilor of Bassano in Teverina, and delegate for youth policies and IT systems; Roberto Pesci, Deputy Mayor of Marta; and Roberto Basili, Councilor for Tourism of the municipality of Bolsena.

And We’re Live

Joining via video conference were Claudia Girardo (EFASCE – Ente Friulano Social Assistance and Cultural Emigrants), Melina Mondelli (AERCU – Associazione Emigrati Regione Campania In Uruguay), Ignacio Palermo (Calabrian Association), Lilian Cappuccini (Children of Tuscany Association), and Maria Laura Gardi (Central Lazio Association). In connection, respectively from Mar del Plata and Rosario (Argentina) representing the Italian-Argentine community were Marcelo Castello (Argentine Federation of Abruzzo Associations of Argentina) and Raúl Romanelli (Federation of Italian Associations of Mar del Plata). Finally, in connection from San Paolo (Brazil) representing the Italian-Brazilian community were Daniela Policela and Andrea Chiavacci (Italian Club of San Paolo).

Communication with the various associations involved was directed by researcher and expert in Visual Culture of Italian emigration, Fabio Ragone (currently active on a research project supported by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande del Sud in Brazil).

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the local administrations present invited their compatriots abroad to come to Italy for a cultural and productive exchange. The meeting ended with an auspicious toast that bodes well for the intensification of relations and future reciprocal activities.

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Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy

Mario is a veteran in the travel industry.
His experience extends worldwide since 1960 when at the age of 21 he started exploring Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Mario has seen the World Tourism develop up to date and witnessed the
destruction of the root/testimony of the past of a good number of countries in favor of modernity/progress.
During the last 20 years Mario's travel experience has concentrated in South East Asia and of late included the Indian Sub Continent.

Part of Mario's work experience includes multi activities in the Civil Aviation
field concluded after organizing the kik off of for Malaysia Singapore Airlines in Italy as an Institutor and continued for 16 years in the role of Sales /Marketing Manager Italy for Singapore Airlines after the split of the two governments in October 1972.

Mario's official Journalist license is by the "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy in 1977.

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