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Lithuania Public Bus System State of the Art

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In Lithuania, experts agree that not only convenient routes help attract more passengers to public transport, but also modern vehicles and street infrastructure that shorten travel time.

According to Vaidas Ramanauskas, the manager of Klaipėdos paslaugos company, new more convenient public transport options will undoubtedly gradually change people’s habits and encourage them to change unfavorable prejudices.

Greater comfort for passengers in order to fundamentally update the public transport fleet and its infrastructure in Lithuania, large investments are needed.

This is why the city uses European Union (EU) investments. in 2019 at the end of the year, the municipality purchased 18 buses filled with compressed natural gas. 4.15 million was used for this. EUR of EU investments. 

Another 13 electric buses will be delivered in 2023. September. 

The main and most significant change in Klaipėda’s public transport is that two electric and 45 buses run on the streets of Klaipėda now, driven by compressed natural gas and meeting the highest ecological standards, replacing the diesel buses used until then.

The new buses provide greater comfort for passengers and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. Emissions have decreased by 98 tons per year due to the new buses.

Their cabin is air-conditioned, have mobile phone chargers.

Kaunas, the second largest city in the country, can also boast of renewed public transport. 

Martynas Matusevičius, the head of the Transport and Traffic Management Department of the municipal administration, says that with the efforts of the municipality, as well as with the use of EU investments, the city’s public transport fleet has been significantly renovated, with the purchase of 49 new trolleybuses in 2019-2020. 

According to Pašnekov, the age of public transport operating in Kaunas today is the youngest in Lithuania – 6.2 years – and is even ahead of the EU average. 

All vehicles are low-floor, adapted for people with disabilities, developmental disabilities, deaf and visually impaired people.

Trolleybuses have more seats, places for people with disabilities, efficient cabin air-conditioning and heating, high-quality information systems, video surveillance cameras, and ergonomic and spacious driver’s workplaces.

A public transport priority system will be created in the city of Kaunas, which will regulate traffic lights at traffic intersections when buses or trolleybuses approach them. 

This will increase the speed of public transport. 

Lithuanian municipalities will purchase a total of 180 public transport vehicles. 52.52 million has been allocated for this purpose. EUR EU funds.

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