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Latvia bans public display of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ that symbolize Russian aggression

Latvia bans public display of 'Z' and 'V' that symbolize Russian aggression
Latvia bans public display of 'Z' and 'V' that symbolize Russian aggression
Written by Harry Johnson

After Ukrainian government called for the censorship of the symbols ‘Z’ and ‘V’ used by Russia to symbolize its ongoing war of aggression in Ukraine, Latvia – a former Soviet republic, now an EU and NATO member, enacted a new law banning the public display of the letters ‘Z’ and ‘V’.

New law adopted by the parliament of Latvia states that the symbols ‘Z’ and ‘V’ used by Russian troops in Ukraine are glorifying aggression and war crimes are now added to officially banned symbols glorifying Nazi or Communist regimes.

Latvian parliament used an urgent procedure to vote on amendments prohibiting displays of military aggression and war crimes symbols at public events.

The law also says no permits for public events will be given if they are held within 200 meters of monuments ‘commemorating’ the Soviet Army that still remain in Latvia. Individuals convicted under the new law will be fined up to €400, while companies can be fined up to €3,200.

“In condemning Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine, we must take a firm stand that the symbols glorifying Russian military aggression, such as the letters ‘Z’, ‘V’ or other symbols used for such purposes, have no place in public events,” Artuss Kaimins, chair of the Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Commission, said in a statement.

Several German states have already said they would fine individuals for displays of the symbol. Latvia’s neighbor Lithuania is also considering a ban on Z, as well as the black-and-orange St. George’s ribbon, used Russian nationalists.

Russian alphabet, which uses Cyrillic, does not have neither ‘V’ nor ‘Z’ in it. Both symbols have been used to mark Russian vehicles taking part in Russia’s war of aggression against sovereign Ukraine over the past month.

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