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Korea’s Daego offers unique venues for meetings industry

Written by Nell Alcantara

Planning a successful destination event is an artful balance of work and play. After all, social functions play a crucial role in business interactions.

Planning a successful destination event is an artful balance of work and play. After all, social functions play a crucial role in business interactions. Networking is often done after hours, when formalities have been left behind. The right atmosphere opens people up. The Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau kept this in mind as it compiled a catalog of the most unique venues for special events.
Daegu offers venues for events of all sizes. Whether the event is a large-scale banquet or an intimate dinner party, MICE planners are sure to find one that fits their needs. These stunning locations offer a glimpse into the city’s culture, art, history and cuisine. They offer more than a beautiful backdrop; they are an experience.

Step back in time
Daegu Hyanggyo is a place where visitors can learn more about Confucianism, a practice that has played an integral role in Korean culture.

Daegu Hyanggyo remains a relevant cultural asset today. Every spring and fall, a ritual called Seokjeon is performed to honor Confucius and famous Confucian scholars of Daegu. The facility also offers educational programs on Chinese characters and traditional Korean etiquette, and it is locally cherished as a backdrop for traditional Korean wedding ceremonies.

The courtyard garden of Daegu Hyanggyo has gained popularity as a reception venue for international events such as HIMSS Asia 2010 and the Human Frontier Science Program. Surrounded by the elegance of 600-year-old architecture, guests will be transported to the early years of the Joseon Dynasty. The site can accommodate 200 to 300 people depending on seating arrangements.

Although easily accessible, Donghwasa feels cut off from the outside world. Offering refuge for those seeking tranquility, the temple is a balance of natural beauty and man-made wonder including a 17-meter tall statue of Buddha. A temple stay program allows participants to experience temple life.
The temple’s stunning architecture, colorful murals and fresh mountain air create an awe-inspiring setting for outdoor events. The reception for IOC members was held here when Daegu had the IAAF World Championship in 2011. Guests can dine on temple foods and wine as they enjoy a cultural performance. The location can accommodate up to 100 people.

Daegu National Museum is a place where visitors can learn more about the unique cultural heritage of Daegu. History lives on within the walls of this brick building which houses 56,000 national treasures. The museum also offers educational programs on traditional dyeing, traditional herbs and agricultural plants.

The museum is an impressive locale for both indoor and outdoor events. Its two floors encompass three exhibition halls, a special exhibit hall, an experimental study room, an audiovisual studio and a library. There is also an outdoor gallery where a five-storied stone pagoda stands. The area around the museum’s outdoor fountain was a party space for the IAAF World Championship in 2011.
Guests can enjoy a performance or explore the museum’s treasures. The Textile and Clothing Hall collection is especially significant to Daegu because it reflects the city’s rich textile industry. The museum can accommodate up to 100 people.

Inspire imagination
While Daegu’s historical and cultural sites transport visitors back in time, the Daegu Art Museum paints a portrait of the city’s modern face. The municipal museum opened in May 2011 with a mission to promote Daegu’s art advancement. Exhibitions explore contemporary societal issues. Domestic and overseas exchanges keep the museum current on leading trends in the art world while providing a platform for sharing East Asian art.

Renown for its scale and facilities, the museum is a striking location for special events. Located in Daegu’s “greenbelt zone,” the building is set apart from big buildings and bright lights found in the inner city. The structure itself is a work of art. A state-of-the-art floor plan, high ceilings and natural lighting define the spacious 8,807-square-meter building. The inspiring space can accommodate 200 to 300 people.

The Daegu Art Factory is a place where visitors can discover Daegu’s contemporary art scene and try their hand at experimental art. The facility is part of a governmental project to cultivate local art and expand the city’s infrastructure for artistic creation while revitalizing the area. The building was actually a warehouse for a tobacco manufacturing plant before it was recycled into a space where citizens can increase their creativity and interest in art.

The Daegu Art Factory is a great place to hold events of any size. The 2,300-square-meter facility includes multi-purpose exhibition halls and a performance hall. The floor plan makes it easy to customize space by partitioning areas to meet size requirements.

Youngdo Velvet is an asset of Daegu’s acclaimed textile industry. The three-story building houses an exhibition hall devoted to all things velvet including clothing, home décor and furniture. Youngdo Velvet, founded in the early 1960s, has become Korea’s leading velvet manufacturer. Visitors can participate in education programs and purchase personalized items made from velvet.

Youngdo Velvet’s exhibition gallery is a must-see attraction for textile industry tours, but this unique venue can accommodate events of any kind. During APSCI 2011, it attracted attention as a hands-on experience tour site. This centrally located venue can accommodate an intimate event of up to 50 people.

Enjoy the view
These venues not only stand out; they stand tall, offering exclusive views of Daegu. Downtown comes alive at night, and the Terrace Café at Novotel is the perfect place to take in the view. The convenient location makes it easy for guests to access the restaurants, nightlife, shopping and entertainment at the city’s center.

Located southwest of downtown is 83 Tower, an iconic landmark that offers an incredible view of the entire city. The tower has a revolving restaurant and Sky Lounge. At the base of the tower is E-World, an amusement park, and nearby is Duryu Park, Daegu’s version of Central Park.

The Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau is dedicated to helping MICE organizers find the perfect venue for their special event. These select locations have proven track records for providing memorable experiences to countless international events. Whatever the occasion, Daegu’s venues are sure to provide the ambiance for a successful event.

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