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Journey through the world of I-San

I-San, the northeastern region of Thailand, is one of the most celebrated and vibrant regions of the country. The people are hospitable and kind-hearted with a fun-loving outlook on life.

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I-San, the northeastern region of Thailand, is one of the most celebrated and vibrant regions of the country. The people are hospitable and kind-hearted with a fun-loving outlook on life. The region is blessed with its own unique customs, colorful festivals, a fiery piquant cuisine, legacies of an ancient Khmer culture, and historical and traditional fascination.

The I-San Boutique Collection is the result of the inspiration of the participating hotel owners who have made an all-out effort to preserve and promote the beautiful destination of I-San – a place they call home.
The owners believe that with the recent launch of the new boutique hotel collection, this puts a fresh new face on the hospitality industry’s most inventive and popular genre. Featuring authentic and unique designs, international standards of service, and a sophisticated sense of place that encourages guests to discover the nuances of the charming I-San destination, the participating resort properties are designed to attract upscale visitors.



In Loei Province

Live Under the Shade of Tranquility and Greenery

This boutique resort on the mighty Mekong River is an intriguing blend of eclectic tastes, reflecting the personality of its much-traveled creator. Five individual houses were built at different times according to the whim of its architect. Each house has access to its own garden. Besides the halcyon tranquility, there are so many delightful nooks and corners and gardens to enjoy at the resort – a cool garden, a white garden, a sunken garden, and even a maze! I don’t know what brought me to Loei in the first place, but now I know what keeps me here. – Amnad Khitapanna, Owner



1. Bai sri floral art made from banana leaves
2. Learn how to make Bai Sri for the blessing ceremony
3. Northeastern-style of cooking by the Mekong River
4. Demonstration of making a rice basket (huat) with bamboo
5. Preparing coconut milk for making Khao Lam
6. Home-made Khao Lam, a traditional sticky rice dessert
7. Cooking Khao Lam in bamboo tubes


In Loei Province

Encounter the Sheer Splendor of Isan Culture and Feel its Serenity

A charmingly-furnished resort built in a contemporary style consistent with a luxurious northeastern Thai home, the resort property is fitted with modern conveniences. Located in the midst of breathtaking lush mountain ranges with peaks often shrouded in fog, it is a place for those who come in search of tranquility but are at the same time interested in learning about I-san culture and the surrounding areas of the Dansai hills. To discover the charm of I-san, you have to experience with your deeply-opened heart. You will see its stunning charm everywhere on its high plateau, just like the way I found it. – Neeracha Wongmasa, Owner



1. Cotton-weaving demonstration
2. Hand-woven cotton
3. The extraordinary local wisdom of making Phi Ta Khon masks
4. Phi Ta Khon mask reflects the local cultural heritage of the district of Dan Sai in Loei province
5. Enjoy the taste of the mushroom at the mushroom farm Dansai, Loei
6. The terracotta blends harmoniously with nature
7. Pam Khai – a healthy and delicious local dish served in Dan Sai


In Ubon Ratchathani Province

Feel the Magical Wave of the Mekong River and Beyond

Sedhapura invites you to discover the region’s rich history and legacy and the fascinating multi-cultural pace of life along the bank of the Mekong River. With its spectacular natural sites, shimmering rivers, a wealth of cultures, and enchanting local artisans, the four villas are designed for the ultimate in comfort and the utmost private escape. Step into this little showcase and find yourself living in one of the loveliest parts of the world. I dream that one day I-san will be one of the most popular destinations in the world. We live, eat, and sleep under this magical sky, and we are so proud to share this happiness with everyone. – Napanaree Tohsaeng, Vice President



1. A majestic view of Pha Taem National Park
2. Beautiful sunset over the Mekong River
3. Pre-historic paintings at Pha Taem National Park
4. Cruise along the Mekong River
5. Offering alms to monks in the early morning
6. Wild flowers at Nam Tok Soi Sawan (Soi Sawan Waterfall)
7. Cycling in the local village


In Khon Kaen Province

Celebrate the Ancient I-San Culture in a Peace of Mind Home

Supanniga Home offers ultra-hip, contemporary-styled cottages, as well as luxurious amenities. Guests will enjoy the private villas with access to a kitchenette, decorative gardens, groves of fruit trees, architectural landscaping, and a Jacuzzi pool. All cottages are designed to blend with the natural beauty and great outdoors. With a modern and exotic touch, Supanniga Home will definitely make your visit to I-San a memorable one. I-san is a land of peace and comforting nature. The vast farmland geography changes the face and color of this land throughout the year. I’d like to invite you to experience this cycle of natural transformation and feel its simplicity. – Phajongkit Laorauwirodge, Owner



1. A lesson in making terracotta
2. Matmee (ikat) silk is popular with Khon Kaen locals
3. Soeng Kratip Khao, a traditional I-San dance
4. Cute terracotta pieces are used as decorative items
5. The Soeng Kratip Khao folk dance reflects the happiness and joy of the planting season
6. The walkway is sheltered with Papyrus
7. The weaver selects and prepares each silk strand

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Contact Information:

AGALIN – Live under the Shade of Tranquility and Greenery
990/11 Nakornchaisri Road, Dusit
Bangkok, Thailand 10300
Tel: +66 2 669 5431
Fax: +66 2 243 0804
Email: [email protected]

PHUNACOME RESORT – Encounter the Sheer of Isan Culture and Feel its Serenity
461 Mu 3, Ban Doen, Dansai
Loei, Thailand 42120
Tel: +66 42 892 005-6
Fax: +66 42 892 007
Email: [email protected]

SEDHAPURA – Feel the Magical Wave of the Mekong River and Beyond
68 Mu 7 Ban Huai Mak Tai, Khongjiam District
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand 34220
Tel: +66 45 351 174-6
Fax: +66 45 351 162
Email: [email protected]

SUPPANIGA HOME – Celebrate the Ancient
I-San Culture in a Peace of Mind Home
14/161 Srijan Rd. Nimuang, Muang
Khon Kaen, Thailand 40000
Tel: +66 89 944 4880
Fax: +66 43 224 034
Email: [email protected]

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