Japan tops global destination list

As travel restrictions officially lift in Japan, Agoda search data shows a surge of 16.5x (>1500%) in searches for travel to Japan, taking Japan to the top searched destination and representing the largest search uptick Agoda has recorded with any border reopening to-date.

Since before the pandemic, Japan has captured the hearts of many as the travel destination of choice and travelers have been eager to revisit the unique culture and authentic experiences the nation has to offer.

South Korea (#1), Hong Kong (#2) and Taiwan (#3) are the markets most keen to head back to Japan. Mostly, the top ten inbound markets are dominated by Southeast Asian markets with Thailand (#4) and Singapore (#5) leading the charge, closely followed by
Malaysia (#7), Indonesia (#9) and Philippines (#10). The United States (#6), and Australia (#8) round out the top ten inbound markets.

“With access to our global insights, we are able to help our accommodation partners identify and capture the customers most keen to head back to Japan, offering them the best value deals
based on their travel preferences. Comparatively, while Japanese travellers may be slower to pick up their bags and head out into the world (67.2% (1.67x) increases in searches since announcements were made), we are optimistic about Japan’s travel resurgence. We expect to see locals practice more caution but there is a general sense of optimism. We’ve observed each country open up at a different pace than others, but the general sentiments remain the same – everyone is excited to travel again.”, said Hiroto Ooka, Associate Vice President, North Asia, Partner Services.

Domestic travel shows no signs of abating, with Agoda noting a 135% increase, year to-date, in domestic travel searches as compared to 2019**. To further aid in the rejuvenation of the
domestic hospitality industry, Agoda will also be partnering with the Japanese government’s ‘Travel Support’ campaign to help drive traffic to local businesses nationwide in far reaching prefectures.

“Travellers can benefit from government-funded discounts to be used during their trip, all made easily bookable on the Agoda platform. Agoda is proud to be a supportive partner and our
team is working around the clock to get this offering seamlessly integrated onto our platform, so that our customers can easily gain access to this offer within the first week of borders reopening. We hope this partnership will help grow awareness for our local independent family-owned accommodation partners including Ryokans, hotels and Homes in Japan.” concludes Hiroto Ooka.

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