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Jamaica Tourist Board Agent Rewards Continue During COVID-19

, Jamaica Tourist Board Agent Rewards Continue During COVID-19, eTurboNews | eTN
Jamaica Tourist Board Agent Rewards

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To provide trade partners with up-to-date information on Destination Jamaica and to prepare them for future sales and the resumption of travel, the Jamaica Tourist Board Agent Rewards portal has been updated. The new look platform will be launched to the trade on May 27 and the “Lite Learning” section is a relaunch of the content with a new look and feel. Agents who are not yet on the platform, can register for Jamaica Rewards by visiting

Also, on May 27, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is set to launch a series of mini-webinars to educate agents about the destination. These on-demand videos will be published on the Jamaica Rewards YouTube Channel. Each video will be 10 – 12 minutes and cover topics ranging from food and drink, wellness, festivals, bird watching, cruise, as well as things to do on the island for a diverse clientele. In June there will be a series of online “Jamaica Quizzes” using Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform.

JTB’s UK trade sales team will be continuing to work closely with its travel partners as they utilise their social media channels to create virtual FAM trips. Agents will receive an itinerary in advance and will be taken on a virtual tour of various experiences and attractions in Jamaica. A member of the sales team will be on hand to answer questions and provide additional information.

The Jamaica Tourist Board continues to incentivise its trade partners and will be rewarding the top 20 performing agents with a “Taste of Jamaica” gift pack. The pack will include selection of sauces, marinades, and herbs, giving agents an authentic taste of Jamaica from their own home.

Elizabeth Fox, Regional Director, UK & N Europe, Jamaica Tourist Board said: “Post-pandemic, we believe more clients are going to be in search of a trusted travel agent when it comes to booking holidays. With this in mind, we have come up with innovative ways to engage our all-important trade partners and equip them with the knowledge they need so that they are ready to spread the love and encourage more of their clients to book a holiday to Jamaica when travel restrictions are lifted.”

Agents can register for Jamaica Rewards here:

For more inspiration on traveling to Jamaica, visit:


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