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Italy Prime Minister Stands Up for Government over COVID-19 coronavirus

, Italy Prime Minister Stands Up for Government over COVID-19 coronavirus, eTurboNews | eTN
Italy Prime Minister Stands Up for Government over COVID-19 coronavirus

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Devoted to the Italians, Italy Prime Minister (PM) Giuseppe Conte said in a TV press conference addressing the government’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus: “I will no longer allow the criticism of the government that does not work; of the government of the ‘no’ to be nourished. This government has spoken little and done a lot, has worked hard for the benefit of all Italians.

“I will no longer accept that passion and dedication with which everyone has faced the commitment of government and the substantial work done by parliamentarians be underestimated.

“It is not the first time that our country is facing national emergencies. We are a strong country which does not give up. It is in our DNA, it is a challenge that has no political color. It must call the whole nation together; it is a challenge that [gets] won with the commitment of everyone – citizens, institutions, scientists, medical workers, civil protection workers of the sector.

“All of Italy is called to share the duties. Since January, we have applied measures that have appeared drastic, actually adequate to protect the health of citizens, to contain the spread of the infection.

“We have always acted on the basis of the evaluation of the scientific-technical committee, always choosing the line of transparency and truth, determined not to feed mistrust, conspiracy. Truth is the strongest antidote.

“Once the first containment measures were taken, especially regarding the red zone, I felt it was right to explain to all citizens what was happening. We are on the same boat. Whoever has the helm has the duty to keep the course and indicate it to the crew. Today, I am talking to you that new measures are on the way. We have to make an extra effort. We have to do it together.”

The concern of the World Health Organization WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), many countries are not doing enough.

“We are concerned that a long list of countries have not taken the coronavirus that killed 3,300 people worldwide seriously enough or have decided that they cannot do anything about it,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Coronavirus: Italy is a safe destination. Excluding temporarily the “Red Zone”

Italy is a safe destination. Just observe the hygiene principles recommended by medical devices. The excessive alarmism spread so far has demonized a country whose borders are open as the arms of the Mediterranean people while the Italians are avoiding panic.

The daily statistics of the account of infected and cured cases do not help – it creates alarm, negativity, and discouragement. Italy does not hide the problems it is facing, despite itself, since it comes from a world farther away, as is well known.

There are those who shamelessly created a disgusting cartoon: “Pizza Corona” by the French “Canal Plus” offending the dignity of the Italian people and contributing to negative realities.

Also ignoble was the idea of CNN to publish the map with the words “Coronavirus cases linked to Italy” in other words: Italy represented as the country of origin and diffuser of Coronavirus in the world.

CNN would have saved its reputation if the author of the cartoon had been aware of the tale of the “Wolf and the Lamb” in “Phaedrus” by the Greek philosopher Plato 370 BC.

Italy is the country who isolated the Coronavirus: the reconnaissance goes to the team of the biologist of Hospital Spallanzani in Rome, namely Ms. M.R. Capobianchi Ms.F.Colavita and Ms. C.Castilletti. Their discovery has been made available to the world of researchers.

Italy, at the level of Singapore (note of the editor), is among the most organized countries in the world in addressing the epidemic with the appropriate means and the precautions designed and implemented to avoid the spread of possible contaminations.

Italian universities and schools closed until March 15

Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said speaking at Palazzo Chigi: “For the government, it was not a simple decision, we waited for the opinion of the technical-scientific committee, and we decided to suspend the teaching activities from March 5-15, pending the opinion of the scientific committee at the end of March 15. At this moment, we are focused on taking all measures to obtain an effect or direct containment of the virus, or delay in its spread.

We have a health system as efficient as it risks going into overload. This is a problem that we cannot compensate for by strengthening it in a short time since we have a problem with intensive and sub-intensive care if an exponential crisis would continue.

The power of telematics

The coronavirus emergency also changes the activities in public offices. Working for the Public Administration (PA) stops being an experiment to become “ordinary” and even an “obligation.” For public offices this “is an excellent opportunity to move from experimentation to ordinariness. Let’s try to transform a negative situation into a positive situation for the PA,” underlined the Minister for the PA, Fabiana Dadone, presenting the circular just enacted to encourage “agile” work in the sector.

The degree at the time of the coronavirus

The first videoconference was engineered at the Politecnico di Milano. The University without undergraduates took on the examining commission by meeting in front of a monitor. The first degrees in the difficult time of the coronavirus were staged at the Politecnico di Milano in video conference.

At the time of the proclamation, screams and applause were only virtual. With closed universities and already scheduled sessions, it is the only way to carry on the University program.

“It is very original even if it is a shame, because the moment of graduation is in itself a special moment in which the family meets us teachers. So, it is a bit cold,” explained Professor Francesco Castelli Dezza.

This same system is also being implemented in some Italian schools.

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