Italy again at risk for new infections as Italians go abroad for Easter

Italy again at risk for new infections as Italians go abroad for Easter
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In Italy, citizens from the “red zone” cannot leave their municipality for the Easter holiday, but they can go to the Canary Islands in Spain. It may sound strange and contradictory, but that’s the way it is.

  1. Despite the fact that citizens of Italy in the red zone cannot leave their community, they can catch a plane and travel abroad.
  2. The green light was given for travel to the Canary Islands, so Italians can gather for Easter there.
  3. Tour operators and associations are demanding to know why then no holiday at home in the country?

A circular from the Interior Ministry confirmed by responding positively to a question posed by Astoi Confindustria Viaggi, an association that represents over 90 percent of the tour-operating market in Italy, in regard to the possibility of allowing in areas currently subject to restrictions, the movement of travelers who intend to go to a foreign country that is open and “usable” for tourism.

Some tour operators have adopted these so-called “COVID-tested” corridors – a protocol that allows only those who test negative to the molecular swab made at least 72 hours before boarding to travel. Some operators even provide for an economic contribution to carry out the swab or include the cost in the package’s price in addition to the cost of a doctor who contacts the tourist before returning.

To sum it up, there are safe tourist corridors that guarantee on the one hand the safety of travelers and on the other hand, the restart of an important sector of the economy.

Turmoil and confusion

The green light for travel to the Canary Islands sparked protests from Italian hoteliers, represented by Federalberghi and Confindustria Alberghi, stating that the government has adopted unfair measures for Easter holidays, namely penalizing the categories of Italian hospitality.

The protest of tour operators and trade associations, as well as citizens, are amazed at the freedom to travel abroad while hotels and the entire Italian hospitality system have been stopped for months due to the ban on moving from one region to another. The logic of making it possible to authorize trips across the border while at the same time preventing movement in Italy is not registering.

“People vaccinated or with negative swabs are at low risk of contagion, so this logic must also be applied to trips to Italy, to take advantage of all tourist services including spas, skiing, meetings, congresses, and trade fairs,” thundered the President of national Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca. The President is adamantly feeding the controversy for a sector that is already victim of illogical divisions.

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