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It will cost $17.8 million to clean world’s biggest theme park

It will cost $17.8 million to clean world’s biggest theme park
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, estimated to cost $17.8 million to clean
Written by Harry Johnson

To clean ten of the biggest theme parks on Earth, it would cost a whopping $36.4 million and 42 million wipes

  • The priciest theme park to clean is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Chinarequiring 20.7 million antibacterial wipes
  • In second is Disney World Florida, requiring 7.2 million antibacterial wipes
  • In third place is Shanghai Disney Resort and fourth Disneyland Paris

With interest increasing by 65% in the past three months, people are excited for a day out like going to a theme park when restrictions ease.

The theme parks must prepare for their reopening, but they also have to ensure they are cleaned top to bottom, which is no small feat.

So just how big of a feat is this, and how much will it cost? Industry experts crunched the numbers to find the costs of cleaning ten of the biggest theme parks in the world!


In first place is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, estimated to cost $17.8 million to clean. The huge 20.72km2 resort in Zhuhai, China, hosts a range of rides and shows and is the world’s largest oceanarium. Not only that, analysts calculated it would take around 20.7 million antibacterial wipes to disinfect – surely that’s another addition to the resort’s 5 Guinness World Record standing.

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In second place is Disney World in Florida, costing an estimated $6.2 million and 7.2 million antibacterial wipes to make COVID-friendly. According to research, that’s almost 30x pricier than cleaning Drake’s apartment for a whole year!

The Disney resorts in Shanghai, Paris and California clinch third, fourth and fifth place respectively. Shanghai’s magic kingdom costs around $3.3 million (3.8 million wipes), Disneyland Paris would set owners back $1.7 million and 2 million wipes, and California’s Disneyland Resort would be charged at $1.6 million and 1.8 million wipes to clean.

Finally with over 11 million annual visitors, last but not least is Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. The park’s 130-acre area would still cost a whopping $536,042.29 and 622,494 wipes to clean.

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