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Is There a Link Between Travel and Health?

, Is There a Link Between Travel and Health?, eTurboNews | eTN

Think again if you said no, as this scribe found during a long bed-bound illness.

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As I lay in a hospital bed with a fracture and a host of other ailments taking over my body, my mind wandered here and there, first, hoping that others would not have to go through such an ordeal.

When one thinks that life may be ending any day, it compels one to look at the other side of life, as it were. Questions bubble up in the mind. 

Will I come out of this situation, or should I be prepared to meet the Creator?

Do I have a message for the world, or does no one have the time nor inclination to bother with how an ailing person is coping with a sad health situation?

Is the ailment not worth bothering about, as the globe is already over populated? After all, how often has one thought of sick people when you yourself are running around in top form, looking to take on the world and perhaps even travel the globe? The answer may be – seldom.

As one lies in poor health trying to extend life is an often-unspoken secret desire. The mind prepares a revised life chart. One thinks of history, philosophy, religion, and fate, even as the helpful medical staff are trying to help.

Inevitably, no matter how much we have seen of the world, our travel bucket list pops up, where we itemize places we would still like to go, experiences we still want to have.

I am basically a positive person, usually looking on the bright side of life or even death. My friends, at lease most of them, would agree with this upbeat philosophy, but once in a while, especially during times of ill health, negative thoughts do creep in. The challenge here is to overcome those dark thoughts as I am trying to do right now, hoping for full recovery.

The only answer that may truly remain is, will I succeed? Do I still have time to check off things on my bucket list? And as I began, I end this current round of thoughts with more questions.

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