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Is Iran plotting to kill Israeli Tourists in Turkey?

The Media Line
Photo: Courtesy by The Media Line

Israel is accusing Iran to be on the lookout for Israeli tourists in Turkey, so they could be attacked.

Israelis however love to travel to Turkey and are ignoring a warning by Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) Counterterrorism Bureau. eTurboNews reported earlier this week about local media reported that a few Israeli citizens visiting Istanbul were “whisked away” by Israeli security agents last week as “Iranian assassins waited at the hotel”.

NSC raised the travel warnings for Istanbul to their highest level.

Despite the warning, Turkish Airlines continues to fly thousands of Israelis to the city on the Bosporus, Istanbul Turkey.

The NSC has called on Israelis that are currently in Istanbul to leave the city as soon as possible, and on those planning to travel to Turkey to “avoid doing so until further notice.” 

The stern warning comes amid security concerns regarding Iranian attempts to murder or kidnap Israelis around the world, but especially in Turkey. Tehran has blamed Israel for a series of attacks on its nuclear and military infrastructure. 

eTN Syndication member “The Media Line” spoke with Israelis preparing to board flights to Turkey at Ben-Gurion Airport, as well as Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, to get a better understanding of the situation. 

Watch the report by Media Line  Maya Margit and Dario Sanchez

The Media Line report from TLV

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