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India loses 2 travel leaders to COVID-19

India loses 2 travel leaders to COVID-19
L-R - Anil Bhandari and Rajendra Kumar, India travel leaders

The dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus continues to wreak havoc with lives in India and among those hit by it are travel industry stalwarts and leaders.

  1. Anil Bhandari and Rajendera Kumar of the India travel and tourism sector were lost today succumbing to COVID-19.
  2. Both Bhandari and Kumar were keen to develop hospitality education.
  3. India’s coronavirus tally surpassed 21 million as 412,262 new COVID-19 cases were registered across the country.

The latest victims who lost their lives today to the pandemic were two important players in the travel industry.

Anil Bhandari, who headed AB Smart Concepts, lost his battle with COVID-19, dying this morning after a short hospital stay. Bhandari headed the India Tourism Development Corporation during its formative years and later was also with Travel House.

Bhandari did a lot of work to bring recognition to the chef community and also saw to it that the achievers in the kitchen world were given their due.

The other hospitality veteran who passed away today was Rajendera Kumar, Director of the Ambassador hotel in New Delhi. He was the son of the legendry Ram Pershad, who headed the hotel federation for many years.

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