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India Aims to Set Up 200 New Airports by 2024

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Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Addressing the FICCI Transport Infra Summit “Focus: Accelerating the Pace of Transport Infra Development in Odisha,” organized by FICCI Odisha State Council, the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, Ms. Usha Padhee, said that the Indian aviation sector has witnessed robust growth in the last few years and is an indicator for India’s endeavor towards a US$5 trillion economy. She further said that civil aviation is not a luxury but an efficient mode of transportation.

Civil aviation is not only a mode of transport but a growth engine for the nation,” she stated. Ms Padhee further said that India has the third-largest domestic aviation market, but it is poised to become the third-largest civil aviation market globally by 2024. “People must be able to be part of the growing civil aviation sector,” she added. The civil aviation sector, she said, will be driven by the private sector and government will act as a facilitator.

The airports in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities provides a perfect balance for generating private investment, and where private investment is not possible, the government is investing, noted Ms. Padhee.

Highlighting the challenges, she said that the businesses in this sector must be efficient and policy intervention and guidelines must be user friendly. “We hope to address the challenges with these guidelines,” said the Joint Secretary.

Highlighting the transport infrastructure of Odisha, Ms. Padhee said that the state government has made it a resourceful state, and connectivity is a key feature in Odisha. “We aim to ensure sustained connectivity,” she said. She also said that the Rourkela Airport license will be issued in the next 6 months.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Secretary, Electronics and Information Technology, Secretary, Science and Technology, CRC and Special Secretary, Commerce and Transport Department, Government of Odisha, said that the strength of the infrastructure sectors must be utilized to bring down the cost and the state is investing heavily in the construction of state highways.

Mr. Subrat Tripathi, CEO, APSEZ (Ports), said integration of technology in the logistics sector is of utmost importance. He also said that logistics solutions can’t be seen in isolation, because it is a combination of solutions. He highlighted that economic corridors and multiple connectivity to ports are the need of the hour.

Dr. Pravat Ranjan Beuria, Director – Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, said the new domestic terminal building can handle 2.5 million passengers per annum and participation of the private sector is a must for the public sector.

Mr. Dillip Kumar Samantaray, Managing Director, Angul – Sukinda Railway Pvt Ltd., said that development in a state cannot take place without the development of railways.

Mr. Siba Prasad Samantaray, Managing Director, Odisha Rail Infrastructure Development Ltd., said that railway has come a long way in terms of connectivity and comfort. “We are the facilitators for new growth in Odisha, and this is the time to expand the network,” he added.

Ms. Monica Nayyar Patnaik, Chairperson, FICCI Odisha State Council and Managing Director, Sambad Group, in her welcome address said, “We need to investigate various possibilities and solutions for the effective and efficient transport infrastructure where we can get our ideas in.”

Mr. J. K. Rath, Chairman, MSME Committee, FICCI Odisha State Council, Director, Machem, and Mr. Rajen Padhi, Chairman on Export Committee, FICCI Odisha State Council and Commercial Director, B -One Business House Pvt. Ltd., put forth their views on the need of an efficient transport infrastructure in the state.

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  • There is nothing in this article about building any new airports. Where did that headline come from? I waded through your endless pop-up ads and unmoveable video player to try to find anything about a new airport did not find anything. And you claim in the headline that they will build 200 airports BY 2024??? Two years to build 200 airports is preposterous.

    As editor and the person who writes the headlines, you have a job to have the title reflect the actual story content. Is this yet another desperate attempt to get a click? Well you got it.

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