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In Qatar was the hardest LED Slackline I’ve ever walked

, In Qatar was the hardest LED Slackline I’ve ever walked, eTurboNews | eTN
Jaan Roose walks the world’s longest LED-lit, single-building slackline across the Iconic Towers

Red Bull athlete Jaan Roose crossed the world’s longest LED-lit, single-building slackline between two architectural landmarks in Qatar.

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In Qatar’s second largest city, Lusail City, the scimitar-shaped Iconic Towers are owned by Katara Hospitality and are home to the Raffles and Fairmont Doha Hotels.

The Estonian national and three-time Slackline World Champion defied the odds by completing the walk, titled “Sparkline,” on his first attempt.

Jaan’s second-highest stroll to date, at an elevation of more than 185 meters on a line just 2.5cm wide, the Sparkline spans over 150 meters and is the longest on a single structure.

Roose made the following observation about the new world record:

“When I first laid eyes on the Iconic Towers, I knew it was a structure I had to explore on foot.

“This was the hardest line I’ve ever walked in terms of distance. As an athlete, I’m constantly challenging myself to improve and to achieve the impossible.

“I had to deal with the heat and wind as an unexpected variable while balancing on the slackline.

“The interaction between my weight and the line was modified by the addition of the warm LED lights.

“It’s like trying to skateboard while carrying a hefty tree trunk instead of a thin board.

“The Iconic Towers is an incredible place to be completing this feat and mark a very special visit for my first time in Qatar,” Roose said.

These two hotel towers are among the most recent additions to the city of Lusail, and they make an impressive sight against the Arabian Sea.

The Sparkline Walk was one of many international events that took place in Qatar this year.

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