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IATO Appeals to Government for One Nation – One Travel Policy

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The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) is urging the government to have a One Nation – One Travel Policy for international travelers. It has been noticed that confusion is being created due to travel guidelines/advisories being issued by various state governments for foreign/international travelers. To end this confusion, IATO is asking government to have one central policy which is binding for all state governments.

According to Rajiv Mehra, President of IATO: “Every state has a different policy which only compounds the confusion amongst the international travelers. While traveling to India, foreign tourists think of India as one destination and they plan their travel to India as per guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and as per advice given by the Indian tour operators. But multiple state-level policies discourage international tourists to travel to India which is already down to negligible levels due to pandemic.”

IATO requests the government to frame the One Nation – One Policy.

In addition, the government is being asked to put together the guidelines for international travelers and have those guidelines issued only by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW). IATO believes this should be followed by all the states/union territories. This is the practice being followed globally by all the countries.

Added Mr. Mehra, “Such a step would go a long way in not only assuring the international travelers visiting presently but also would pave the way for robust bookings as and when normal international flights resume.”

IATO is the national body of the tourism industry. It has over 1,600 members covering all segments of the tourism industry. Established in 1982, IATO today has international acceptance and linkages. It has close connections and constant interaction with other tourism associations in the US, Nepal, and Indonesia where USTOA, NATO, and ASITA are its member bodies. The association is increasing its international networking with professional bodies for better facilitation to the international traveler visiting not only India but the entire region.


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