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Ian Chan of Mirror Boy Group Now Endorses Circle HealthPod

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Circle HealthPod is a home detection system developed by the University of Oxford, with PCR-quality results in around 20 minutes. Ian sings the song “It’s a Brand New Day” to empower individuals to resume normal life and drive healthier communities with Circle HealthPod.

Genetics and diagnostic health testing company Prenetics Limited, has joined hands with the beloved member of the popular boy group “Mirror,” Chan Cheuk-yin (Ian), to serve as the product ambassador and performer in the commercial’s song for Circle HealthPod.

The Circle HealthPod is a rapid detection system providing PCR-quality results for COVID-19 in around 20 minutes at point of care or at home. The revolutionary technology has vowed to break the barriers within the world and cease the distance between individuals.           

Developed by the University of Oxford, the Circle HealthPod is one of the world’s most advanced home detection systems. It is a pocket-sized lab that provides 98.4% accuracy in the detection of COVID-19, including 99.9% of known virus strains such as the Delta variant virus. Pain-free short nasal swab is used to collect samples before undergoing nucleic acid amplification. The HealthPod takes around 20 minutes to deliver PCR-quality results to individuals directly on the HealthPod or via its mobile application, making it convenient, rapid, professional, and reliable.

The collaboration joins forces with newly announced product ambassador Ian, a member of the popular idol boy group “Mirror.” Ian’s captivating voice has created many popular songs through Mirror’s activities and personal projects, all of which were received with enthusiasm by fans, making Ian known for his sunny disposition and as a great representative for Hong Kong. In addition to his musical talent, Ian is also a great athlete.

As a past member of the Hong Kong Men’s Volleyball Team, fitness lover, basketball ace, and Taekwondo enthusiast, Ian believes in the importance of health. Ian’s positive health image makes him the perfect product ambassador, encouraging individuals to resume normal life and be health-conscious. Ian’s music illustrates Circle HealthPod’s story by incorporating the message of physical and mental health in the commercial’s lyrics, spreading a catchy melody that hopes to heal the  community in this new era.

Circle HealthPod’s mission is conveyed in the song “It’s a Brand New Day” sung by Ian and specially created for this commercial product. As the riveting melody complements his uplifting voice., Ian sings about the dream to re-connect with the world, the community, and the people around him through Circle HealthPod. He conveys that the test can bring affirmation, peace of mind, and protection to the community. Danny Yeung, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Prenetics, said the new series of advertisements will be broadcasted on ViuTV.

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