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How to Stem the Danger of Berlusconi’s Candidacy in Italy

Image courtesy of Mathieu Cugnot, Creator, © European Union 2019

The whole center-right political party officially insists on nominating Silvio Berlusconi to the Quirinale. This is in itself a serious matter, which must be treated as such, well beyond tactics or skirmishes.

Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian media tycoon and politician who served as Prime Minister of Italy in four governments from 1994-1995, 2001-2006, and 2008-2011. By the way he made use of the institutions and his power, Berlusconi was the political leader who most endangered liberal democracy, after Donald Trump, in the West. And he systematically violated its principles, writes Emanuele Felice, journalist at the daily Domani.

If he were elected today, he would be elected because he was crowned by two leaders like Salvini and Meloni who openly refer to Orban’s illiberal democracy, Putin and Trump. Such an outcome would be a disgrace to the Italian Republic, for ethical and political and naturally judicial reasons. It would mark the fall of our highest and most precious institution, from a bulwark of guarantee to an instrument of a possible illiberal involution of our country, stated Felice.

Now, to grasp the signs that are around, it seems an unlikely eventuality. The front creaks, there is a distinction, a sign that the numbers are difficult. But despite this, the allies continue to formally support him, moreover with a certain contempt for ridicule (they ask Berlusconi to “dissolve the reserve held up to now” after a meeting at his residence).

It is a fact that speaks volumes about the nature of the center-right that we have in Italy. He adds confirmations on the nature of leaders such as Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni. In addition to Berlusconi himself, the first who should realize the situation and instead is forcing the country to this embarrassing and dangerous test, for all of us, in front of the whole world – and in such a moment.

Italy’s center-right thus confirms that it is profoundly illiberal, adventurous, and irresponsible.

Like in no other country in Western Europe (perhaps the only comparison that still stands is that with the United States, where the Republicans are hostage to Trump).

The center-left must avoid making a fatal mistake. Remove Berlusconi and vote for another center-right name, which is not “divisive.” Such an outcome would still be a victory for Berlusconi and for all the center-right, this center-right. It would mean accepting the possibility of Berlusconi as a starting point for a negotiation.

Pd and Cinque Stelle must also avoid the opposite error and entrench themselves in indignation. Perhaps propose a flag candidate, thus endorsing the idea of an Italy divided in two in which each party, after all, has the right to be legitimized and go to the clash with the risk of losing.

It is necessary to react by focusing on a figure of very high prestige, not attributable to either of the two sides and who is, therefore, able to make inroads even among the large perplexed center-right voters. He is a figure capable of winning without giving in to negotiations with those who jeopardize our highest institutions but without sacrificing himself in testimony.

Author’s Note: The general tendency of most politicians and the media on Mr. Berlusconi is prejudiced to be negative.   

This article is an opinion piece by the author.



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