How to Explore Dubai on a Budget

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Written by Linda Hohnholz

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Dubai is renowned as the city of gold and can often be perceived as an expensive travel destination due to the flashy skyscraper buildings, gold-plated cars and lavish lifestyle. However, it is more than possible to visit without breaking the bank! This booming metropolis is inundated with a variety of affordable attractions and activities with which to keep busy. Without further ado, here’s how to explore Dubai on a budget.

Visit Dubai’s beaches

There’s no better way to cool down in the sweltering Dubai heat than with a visit to the beach. Dubai is brimming with breathtaking beaches that invite you to stretch out and tan on its sandy shores, enjoy some water sports adventure, fling a frisbee around, or simply splash about in the ocean waters. Top recommendations for beaches in Dubai include La Mer, Kite Beach, JBR Beach, and Black Palace Beach, to name a few.

Enjoy an Abra Cruise Along the Creek

Abras are traditional motorised boats that cruise along the historic saltwater creek in Dubai. Pay just AED 1 for a leisurely cruise along Dubai Creek if you really want to immerse yourself in the city’s traditions. Situated in Bur Dubai, the old part of Dubai, this is also where you can enjoy a cultural trip by exploring the neighbourhood’s alleyways, and dining at its enchanting restaurants and cafes.

Discover the souks

Traditional North African and Middle Eastern marketplaces are called souks, and Dubai has many of them. If you’re on the hunt for keepsakes, shop the variety of fragrant perfumes, aromatic spices and luxury textiles at the specialised souks in the city, with Bur Dubai being one of the top locations to visit when shopping around for souks.

Use the metro station

Catching a cab in Dubai can work out to be more expensive than you think! Dubai has world-class public transport infrastructure available, so consider opting for the various metros that get you from one part of the city to the next at a much more affordable rate.

Make use of online sites

Online platforms like What’s On Dubai and Time Out Dubai regularly share upcoming events that are cheap or even free to attend! From open-air concerts to yoga classes, there’s plenty to do that won’t hurt your budget.

Opt for affordable accommodation

It’s possible to enjoy a stay at a stylish hotel in Dubai without penny-pinching where adventure is concerned! Travellers can stay at places like Rove Hotels, a hotel franchise home to 9 hotels scattered across the city. With a host of convenient on-site facilities and amenities including a restaurant, 24-hour gym, and designer beds in each room, it ticks all the boxes for a convenient stay. What’s more, they offer great service and affordable pricing without compromising on quality and comfort.

Pay a visit to the Dubai Museum

Situated at the historic Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum is an affordable attraction where you’ll become acquainted with the city’s history and traditions. You’ll also get to learn about future innovation projects in Dubai. Overall, it’s a great way to get to know the city’s past and future while ticking a highlight attraction off your Dubai bucket list.

Fly cheaper

Planning to visit Dubai via plane? Flights can be pricey, but not when you book in advance and take advantage of airline discounts. You’ll save more than you thought by being smart about when you choose to purchase your plane ticket.

Explore La Mer

Dubai’s beachfront neighbourhood is a must-visit attraction! La Mer is where you can soak up the emerging street art, purchase food from various cafes, restaurants and food trucks, and walk the beachfront strip. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a day out in this vibrant location!

Ready to kickstart your travel adventure? Make use of our tips to enjoy a memorable yet affordable visit to Dubai.

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