How can you stop video buffering problem?

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Summary: Most of us use our smartphones and laptop browsers for work as well as entertainment purposes. When it comes to entertainment, watching movies, YouTube videos, and uploaded video stories and reels on popular social platforms is our go-to choice. But have you ever faced video buffering issues when streaming content online? Isn’t it the most annoying thing? Well, not anymore! This article will let you in on a few hacks that you can use to easily fix video buffering issues on any platform.

  1. If you watch content online regularly, you must have met the dreaded video buffering sign at some time.
  2. That constantly spinning circle is probably the last thing you want to see when you’re peacefully trying to enjoy a movie with a tub of popcorn over the weekend.
  3. It can ruin the entire experience for you.

But have you ever thought why it happens? Well of course, slow internet speed is one reason for videos playing with lags, but could there be more causes behind the issue? Moreover, is there anything you can do to eliminate it? Join us as we show you how to stop video buffering problems once and for all.

First things first – Why do videos buffer?

When you’re streaming a video directly from the internet, the video isn’t saved on your local storage but on a cloud server. It is downloaded as data in real-time and played on your device. Any delay or interruption in the download can cause the video to lag or get stuck during playback, forcing you to see a loading symbol on the screen. This process is called “buffering,” a mechanism of preloading videos into the device’s memory buffer.

Ideally, the loading of the video should happen so smoothly that the end-user doesn’t find any glitches during playback. But this doesn’t happen every time because of the following reasons:

Insufficient internet speed

Yes, speed matters. Internet service providers often engage in tough battles, promising users the highest-speed data downloads for this very reason. If your internet connection’s bandwidth isn’t high enough, you will often suffer from video buffering issues. You might also face this issue if your modem or router is outdated or not working properly. Too many devices connected to the same network simultaneously can also throw this error.

Device issues

When did you last upgrade your router? While updating your router to the latest version is good, using old firmware routers is sometimes a source of issues. Check if your router’s specifications match what your ISP is providing. Along with this, make sure your computer isn’t facing any issues like outdated network drivers, damaged graphic card drives, a faulty web browser, etc.

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Moving on, let’s now try to see how to fix video buffering using simple solutions.

How to stop video buffering

There are multiple solutions to the video buffering problem, so it is advisable to start from the simplest manual fix (listed first) and then move on to the next if the previous one doesn’t work.

1.     Check your Internet speed

If several members are using the internet in your household, you’d naturally need a high-speed connection, which can support good quality surfing to multiple devices simultaneously. To check how much speed your device (on which video is buffering) is receiving, conduct a simple internet speed test using your web browser. If the speed is lower than what you need, contact your ISP for a better bandwidth plan.

Test internet speed

2.     Exit programs running in the background

If you face buffering issues on your computer, check your system’s current load through Task Manager. If your computer is overloaded with tasks and showing high memory usage, you won’t get a good playback on streamed videos. Because the computer’s resources are occupied elsewhere, it won’t stream videos as smoothly as it should. To overcome the issue, scroll through the list of processes and spot the ones that are consuming most resources. If you’re not using them, select them by clicking on them once, and then hit the “End Task” button to terminate such processes.

Close resource-intensive processes running in the background

3.     Reduce the video quality you’re watching

It’s no secret that a high resolution video is larger in file size. Now the larger a video’s size, the more time and power it will take to stream it across the internet. So to slightly improve the viewing experience, try watching a lower resolution version of the video. You can find the option to choose between the video resolution you wish to watch on Netflix, YouTube, and other platforms.

Reduce the quality of video you’re watching

4.     Download the video to your device

If nothing else works, the best solution would be to download the video to your local storage. This way, at least once the download completes, you’ll be able to watch it without interruptions. You can also try the easiest and quickest hack of creating a larger buffer by pausing the stream for a few minutes and then resuming afterwards.

Download the video to your device or pause to create larger buffer

Downloaded the video but it still doesn’t work? Try this!

If you’ve tried and tested the trick of downloading the video but it still isn’t playing smoothly, the original uploaded file might be damaged or corrupted. In such a case, repairing it with a reliable and efficient video repair tool is recommended.

In our opinion, Stellar Repair for Video is the best choice in this scenario. Battling corrupted videos of any format, this software is the best answer to the “how to stop video buffering” issue. The tool follows a simple 3-step approach. It comes with an intuitive interface which makes working with it very easy.

This is how you can use this tool to fix video buffering:

  1. Head over to the official product page for Stellar Repair for Video and click on the “Free Download” link.
  2. After the file has been downloaded, double-click to install the application.
  3. Once the installation is completed, launch Stellar Repair for Video.
  4. In the software’s interface, click on the box that says “Add File” to add the video file that needs to be repaired. You can add multiple files here.

Stellar Repair for Video home screen (

  • After adding the files to the tool, click on the “Repair” button to start the repair process.

Stellar Repair for Video files to be repaired added (

  • A progress bar will be displayed to show how much of the process has been completed.

Stellar Repair for Video repair progress

  • After the video files have been repaired, you can preview them before saving them to your computer.

Stellar Repair for Video preview video before saving (

After the downloaded video file has repaired, try playing it. Ideally, you shouldn’t face any video buffering issues now.

To wrap it up

Video buffering is an issue that plagues every online content streamer. But thankfully, now there’s a remedy to the issue! In addition to checking your internet speed and closing background apps, downloading the video on your local system can also be tried. If the downloaded video also fails to play, don’t hesitate to repair it with a tool like Stellar Repair for Video to fix video buffering.

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