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Hong Kong Travel and Tourism Reopens

, Hong Kong Travel and Tourism Reopens, eTurboNews | eTN

The travel and tourism industry in Hongkong has been anxious. As of Wednesday this Chinese city is opening for foreign visitors again.

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The City of Lights, the Financial Center in Asia, also known as Hong Kong, and a special administrative region of China is now getting ready to welcome business and leisure travelers again without difficult restrictions.

A drastic change of entry rules will be followed as of Wednesday, December 14.

Masks will still be required except for exercising. Some restaurants may still restrict their premises in asking for proof of vaccination, but from Wednesday this week, international travelers will no longer undergo COVID-19 entry and movement restrictions.

The COVID mobile app will also no longer be mandatory.

Travelers to Hong Kong had to quarantine in hotel rooms, unable to eat in restaurants, even hotel restaurants. This will be history as of Wednesday

Everyone arriving from overseas, including residents, will be allowed into all locales provided they test negative for COVID-19 on arrival, HK Chief Executive John Lee said in a TV announcement on Tuesday.

“They will still need to show a photograph or paper record of their COVID-19 vaccines at some venues which require it, Health Secretary Lo Chung-mau told journalists but those arriving in the territory will not face restrictions when moving around.

Gyms, clubs, and salons will open

Residents and visitors had slammed Hong Kong’s COVID-19 rules, saying they threatened its competitiveness and standing as an international financial center.

Hong Kong has closely followed China’s zero-COVID policy since 2020 but began gradually easing restrictions in August.

Health secretary Lo also explained, infected people isolated at home would no longer be required to wear an electronic tag restricting them to their residence.

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