Hollywood Actor Winston Duke Named UN Ambassador for Tourism

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Winston Duke, known for performances in “Black Panther,” “Us,” and “Nine Days,” has been named by UNWTO as its newest Ambassador for Responsible Tourism.

Duke will push for sustainable tourism practices as part of the UN World Tourism Organization’s “Tourism Open Minds” campaign.

In his role for UNWTO, Duke will seek to increase awareness of responsible and sustainable tourism practices in order to foster economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and protect the environment.

“Tourism Open Minds” aims to promote inclusive and sustainable tourism by fostering dialogue, understanding, and respect among travelers and local communities. It encourages travelers to embrace diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives while also highlighting the positive impact of tourism on local economies and the environment.

Winston Duke will actively participate in various initiatives, campaigns, and events organized by the UNWTO across the world to promote responsible tourism practices and advocate for the sector’s recovery.

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