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High-speed train: Venue for an international award

, High-speed train: Venue for an international award, eTurboNews | eTN
AD of Trenitalia onboard the high-speed award event - image courtesy of M.Masciullo

On board a high-speed train traveling from Rome to Maratea, the program of the XIV edition of Marateale 2022 award was presented.

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On board a Frecciarossa high-speed train traveling from Rome to Maratea, the program of the XIV edition of Marateale 2022 – Basilicata International Award – was presented. This award is one of the most anticipated events and is the seventh art event to take place in the suggestive pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, from July 27-31, 2022.

The partnership between the Trenitalia train, the Frecciarossa, and Marateale confirms the commitment of the FS (Train) Group in favor of culture and the enhancement of the territory. This is as it was envisaged in the Industrial Plan FS 2022-2031 which will give in the next decade a great boost to Italy and to its southern area.

Present at the event were the CEO of Trenitalia, Luigi Corradi; the High Speed Business Director, Pietro Diamantini; the Mayor of Maratea, Daniele Stoppelli; the President of Stardust, Simone Giacomini; the Artistic Director of Alice nella Città, Gianluca Giannelli; and the Artistic Director of Marateale, Nicola Timpone.

Speeding to the Marateale Film Festival

Marateale every year sees the participation of numerous prominent actors and key players from the world of cinema who intervene to present their recent films and participate in masterclasses as well as opportunities for meetings, debates, and interviews.

In addition to the location of the Santa Venere hotel, the event can be followed from several points in the city thanks to the presence of various large size screens positioned in the area of the event. From July 24 in Piazza del Gesù, a film projection area with free admission will also be set up for viewing films, including previews.

Maratea can be reached with the Frecce as well as Reggio Calabria In less than 3 hours from Rome. The offer is also enriched with intercity and regional train services.

Not only that…

There are also discounts for those who choose to participate in the festival using the train. This is a concrete way to promote collective mobility as a stimulus for ever greater territorial cohesion and the development of the country.

This collaboration is part of the perspective of bringing people closer to choosing the train to reach seaside and mountain locations.

“Once again this summer we connected more tourist locations by train, offering widespread connections with the train Links, said the AD Luigi Corradi. In addition to the intercity stops and the regional scheduled train stops, it is possible to reach Maratea with 6 Frecce frequencies a day, 2 Frecciarossa, and 4 Frecciargento.

There is also a special offer for those who will participate in the event from July 27-31 and will reach Maratea with the Frecce. A “Special Events” rate with discounts is available using the MARATEALE code during the purchase phase. More information is available on the Trenitalia website.

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