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Heathrow Releases Luggage Tag for King’s Coronation

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Heathrow is set to release an exclusive run of commemorative luggage tags to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

The UK’s busiest airport is preparing to welcome 12,000 flights in the 10 days around the coronation – with passengers including dignitaries, heads of state and international tourists.

Heathrow has a long-standing association with the British royal family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took her first steps on British soil as a monarch at Heathrow, and members of the Royal Family are frequent travelers through the airport, in its capacity as the UK’s hub. Heathrow has shared milestone moments with His Majesty The King over the years including the opening of Terminal 4 in 1986 and cutting the cake for Terminal 5’s 10th anniversary.

The commemorative tag is the latest work from artist Morag Myerscough, renowned for her creative emphasis on space and place. It has been designed to be a celebratory keepsake to hold on to for years to come and 12,000 of the tags will be given out to passengers from 1st to 10th May, the same number of flights as will be arriving and departing in that time.

The eye-catching design includes an array of colors to represent the diverse nations in the Commonwealth, and an archway symbolizing Heathrow’s role as the gateway to the UK.

Myerscough is known for work including the transformation of a Roman gateway at Hadrian’s Wall and recently created a colorful public art shrine in Weston-super-Mare.

Myerscough commented on the design: “Instinctively I knew a bold colour filled, joyful, positive approach to the luggage tag to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and the start of a new era was going to be my approach. I marked the day with ‘CR III 2023’ and on the reverse depicting an abstract gateway to echo how Heathrow is the gateway to the UK and the world, welcoming people to start their adventures there and now to celebrate a new monarch.

“Much of my work is about celebrating communities, places and cultural events, drawing on shared history and heritage, using colorful visual mediums to resonate with audiences across geographical and cultural boundaries. I’m proud to have designed the commemorative tag as a unique memento to mark this momentous occasion.”

Simon Calder, travel journalist and broadcaster, explains why a luggage tag was chosen by Heathrow to commemorate the occasion: “Every luggage tag hints at adventure: a journey made in pursuit of sunshine, business, romance or a grand royal event.
In this digital age, a proper tag on your baggage provides a constant reminder that travel is the ultimate analogue joy, as well as distinctive proof that your luggage belongs to you. And in Coronation Week, a distinctive luggage tag makes the ideal royal souvenir.”

The tags have been printed on high quality, recycled card by ‘the Royals’ favorite stationer’ Barnard & Westwood. The fine printing and bookbinding company held a Royal Warrant under both Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III when he was Prince of Wales, printing the orders of service for royal events such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding.

Nigel Milton, Chief of Staff at Heathrow said: “Heathrow is the world’s gateway to the UK and we’re delighted to have commissioned this new luggage tag to capture a bit of the magic of one of Britain’s most important institutions. Crowning a new monarch is a once in a lifetime experience, and these commemorative keepsakes will give our passengers the chance to remember the celebrations and that ‘I was there’ feeling.”

The new luggage tag will be available for free to travelers passing through Heathrow from 1st to 10th May.

In the lead up to the Coronation, Heathrow will be marking the occasion by hosting a range of activities including colleagues helping to prepare villages and local communities by decorating streets with bunting and flowers; and interactive retail opportunities for passengers departing around the Coronation. Passengers will be treated to giveaways over the weekend itself and will be able to watch the Coronation on screens across the airport.

Heathrow, the GREAT campaign and National Portrait Gallery have also partnered ahead of the gallery reopening to the public, to showcase a set of royal portraits in Terminal 5.

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan, Director of The National Portrait Gallery said: “The National Portrait Gallery is delighted to work with Heathrow and the GREAT campaign to share our portraits with people from both the UK and all over the world as they travel through the airport. This is a wonderful way to mark the Coronation while we build up to our reopening on 22 June, following the most comprehensive redevelopment in our history. We hope everyone will enjoy seeing these fascinating royal portraits in Terminal 5.”

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