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Heathrow colleagues star in brand new BBC 1 series

Tonight (Monday 9 May), the UK’s busiest airport will return to TV screens, starring in a brand-new BBC 1 series – ‘The Airport: Back in the Skies’.

BBC1 was given access to film at Heathrow as the airport began to see international travel reopen in late 2021, only for restrictions to be reintroduced as the Omicron Variant struck just before Christmas. The series will show how Heathrow dealt with sudden changes in restrictions, and how it worked on reopening travel in early 2022. Key moments featured in the series include the reopening of travel to Australia, the Virgin Atlantic and British Airways dual take-off to mark the reopening of UK- U.S. travel, and the Christmas getaway.

The series will follow colleagues from across Heathrow including Baggage, Passenger Services, Airside Operations, NATS, various airlines and new Terminal 2 restaurant, Shan Shui.

The presenter, Jeremy Spake, also interviews Heathrow’s Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye throughout the series, covering several different topics from sustainability to the industry’s recovery.

Heathrow Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye, said: “It was fantastic to take part in this series, filmed at a fascinating time for Heathrow and our partners. Just as we could see light at the end of the tunnel, Omicron struck to provide fresh uncertainty at the end of two very challenging years. The show provides a great insight to the way that Team Heathrow colleagues responded to borders reopening, passengers returning and the Christmas getaway against the backdrop of Omicron and resource constraints.

It was a pleasure to welcome Jeremy to the airport and I hope he enjoyed meeting our wonderful colleagues and passengers. As a former Heathrow colleague, he offered a unique view on the airports ability to react and adapt to any crisis.”

Presenter, Jeremy Spake, said: “While Covid has been truly devastating for the aviation industry globally, it also provides a first chance in more than 20 years to reaffirm high standards, outstanding quality of service and perhaps most importantly gives us an opportunity to press the reset button, by under promising and over-delivering to customers who are eager to reconnect with others face to face. I am delighted to be back at Heathrow and of course BBC One!”

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