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Hawaii Tourism Next Year: Drastic Changes on the Rainbow

Omicron is on its way of replacing the Delta variant and becoming the dominant new strain in the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce is sounding the alarm and warning members of the rapid spread and its expected consequences.

Also today, Hawaii tourism experts met online in a Zoom event organized by the World Tourism Network to discuss the changing picture for tourism in Hawaii.

Daniel Nahopii of SMS Hawaii Research gave an overlook of current statistics on the outlook and the current state of the travel and tourism industry. Scott Foster and Frank Haas, President of Marketing Management, both top-rated consultants in the Hawaii tourism industry, gave their unique view of the situation.

Pamala Taylor of Sunisland Hawaii, an international DMC, gave a view from the industry perspective. She pointed out challenges in regards to privacy laws in Europe and the United States, restrictions, vendors she can no longer use, and more. All participants focused on a new kind of Hawaii tourism.

The COVID reality for Hawaii today:

In only 6 days, the positivity rate in Hawaii doubled, and this double may double again and again in rapid succession.

Today, Hawaii recorded an extremely high 797 new cases of COVID infections and two deaths. A year ago, 100 new cases caused complete lockdowns.

It appears Hawaii and most other destinations in the United States and beyond are becoming immune to news of the continued spread of the virus. The argument is that hospitalization rates went down and Omicron may not be so severe, but as explained by a Hawaii Health Department official, a small percentage of a big number is still a very big number.

The CDC is recommending that everyone get a booster shot. Hawaii Governor Ige, however, refused to make the booster shot a requirement in the definition of “fully vaccinated.”

According to the Hawaii Department of Health, there are not enough home testing kits available in the state.

The Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH) is urging everyone to please exercise caution and celebrate the holidays safely as COVID-19 is surging.

According to a press release issued today by DOH, the 797 new COVID-19 cases reported today represent the highest case count in more than three months.

The 7-day new case average increased from 101 ten days ago to 297 today. The positivity rate jumped from 1.4% ten days ago to 4.2% today.

“These numbers reflect a disturbing trend. The Delta variant, the Omicron variant, large gatherings, increased travel, and holiday get-togethers appear to be fueling the surge,” said Health Director Dr. Elizabeth Char, FACEP.

To date, 31 confirmed cases involving the Omicron variant have been identified in Hawai‘i. While all 31 cases of Omicron detected thus far are on O‘ahu, it is reasonable to believe Omicron has also reached the neighbor islands.

“We are continuing the research to understand what we’re dealing with, and our best researchers and medical experts are working on this. The mayors and I are discussing what type of protocols might be required going forward. The bottom line is this: Your life matters. Our mission is to stop the spread. It will take all of us to do that,” said Governor David Ige.

“The presence of the Omicron variant makes getting vaccinated just as important today as ever. Booster shots are increasingly important. If you are eligible for a booster, please get boosted now. Please wear your mask when indoors and avoid large crowds. These are proven ways to stay safe,” Char said.

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  • Unless the count is some fluke, I’m of the opinion that we must go with the protocols we implemented when case counts were at this level previously. There’s little reason to expect any less of our community. In Hawaii, people’s lives count. Money, is way down the ladder from health here. The standards have already been established.

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