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Guam Philharmonic Foundation Inc. takes Håfa Adai Pledge

, Guam Philharmonic Foundation Inc. takes Håfa Adai Pledge, eTurboNews | eTN
image courtesy of Guam Visitors Bureau

Foundation shows love for Guam the Håfa Adai way – with cornerstone pledge of the Guam Visitors Bureau’s local community branding program.

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The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has announced that the Guam Philharmonic Foundation, Incorporated (GPF) has taken the Håfa Adai Pledge (HAP) this afternoon at the Tumon Sands Plaza.

“Joining the Håfa Adai Pledge is our way of giving respect to the indigenous people of the land. Many of us immigrated to the island but regardless of where we came from, sharing the Håfa Adai spirit shows our respect and love for Guam,” said GPF Board President & Chair Maximo Ronquillo, Jr.

“We welcome the Guam Philharmonic Foundation Inc. to the Håfa Adai Pledge familia, as well as the cast, crew, and orchestra of the Miss Saigon production and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 668,” said GVB Director of Destination Development Dee Hernandez.

“The Håfa Adai pledge program is about making a deeper commitment and taking more responsibility to share the core values of Guam’s culture in our everyday practices.”

“We look forward to seeing Miss Saigon in September and hope all involved in this musical break a leg!”

The first HAP signing of 2022 concluded with an award presentation to GPF and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 668 for winning third place in the 78th Guam Liberation Day “People’s Choice Award” under the community float category.

In honor of its 5th anniversary, GPF in collaboration with World Theater Productions will be celebrating two Saigon projects. The first is a free humanities exhibit that will run until September 15 at the Tumon Sands Plaza titled – Remembering Saigon: From Vietnam to Guam. The second event is the Tony Award-winning, critically acclaimed musical, Miss Saigon, from September 2-5, 2022 at the University of Guam Calvo Field House. The musical is a modern adaptation of Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly about the timeless story of tragic love set in Vietnam around the Fall of Saigon in April 1975. Tickets are available at GVB is a proud supporter of the Miss Saigon production.

About Guam Philharmonic Foundation Inc.

The Guam Philharmonic Foundation, Incorporated. (GPF) was established in June 2017. The nonprofit organization’s mission is to become a leader in music and arts education for youth and adults throughout Guam and Micronesia and to present innovative programming and repertoire choices that showcase both local and internationally acclaimed artists.

About the Håfa Adai Pledge

The Håfa Adai Pledge is the cornerstone of the Guam Visitors Bureau’s local community branding program. The Håfa Adai Pledge program has grown steadily in the number of participants as well as the content of individual pledges since its inception in 2009. More than 940 private businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, organizations, and local school children have taken the pledge, representing more than 44,000 individuals locally and abroad.

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